Golden Rock Myanmar how to get there

Myanmar Golden Rock Directions

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock) Yangon by bus in 1 days The reason I wanted to call off my plan to go to the Golden Rock, one of Myanmar's most popular places of Buddhism because I didn't get a break at dusk and had to get up at daybreak. I' ve tried everything to get some peace in a few short hour, and even downloaded one of those non-convincing applications that imitate the sounds of the oceans.

Nevertheless, nothing worked and every now and then when I look at the times, I shouted into my cushion soundless. Although it was bedtime, I could only think about sleep, I didn't mind if it was necessary to spend the whole afternoon in my room with the drapes closed.

Rather than spend a single evening on the hill, we awoke early reading that it was possible to see the Golden Rock (also known as Mount Kyaiktiyo) in one morning. It is about 5 hrs from Yangon to the Golden Rock. I' d hoped to get some rest, but Myanmar coachmen have this really tiresome custom of pageing everyone they see near the street, and this one was no exeption.

Upon our arriving we took a seat -equipped tipper body for a 25-minute drive to Mount Kyaiktiyo. It is one thing to sit in a dumper, but being squeezed in like a can of anchovies is quite another. A group of Buddhists was seated in front of us, and one minute while we were driving, when we were making a turn and the lorry felt like it was tipping over the bluff, one of the Buddhists turned around and glanced at us with a smile on his face.

I was reassured, obviously they were used to this trip - I sat on the verge of my seat and loved every second. I found my second breeze after the van stopped and the roller coaster was over. When we made it to the top, it didn't take us long to see the Golden Rock, which resisted all ideas of gravitation.

When we paid an entry charge and took off our boots (which you just left at the door hoping no one would steal them), we made our way to the Golden Rock. Golden Rock is one of the strangest things I have ever seen. Things were exactly as I had imagined: a big golden rock, which towers on a rock.

Part of the visit to the Golden Rock, which I found truly discouraging as a female, is that I am forbidden to touch the rock or stick a golden sheet on it, which is what traditions are. We had seen photos of the Golden Rock at dusk and wish we had stayed near it, but instead we had to take the last coach back from Kinpun at 5:00 pm, so we were waiting in line at 4:00 pm to bring the renovated tipper back to the city.

To tell the honest story, the adventures in the van sweeping around the bends and running across rough ground as I was sitting among dozens of outsiders were the culmination of the whole outing, more than seeing the Golden Rock in all its enlightening splendor. Arriving in Kinpun, we were waiting in the hope that the coach would come because it was the last of the night and there would be no way to get home until then.

Killing it by taking a few pictures while Ruchi was kicking around a few small rocks with little focus. Although it was more roomy than the lorry, we were horrified when we sat in extendable chairs in the centre of the corridor. Took almost 5h to get back to town, and I spend half of my spare minute trying not to sleep on the one next to me, and the other half was just getting off at the back of the coach upright.

No need to say I was sleeping like a newborn. Are you planning to go to the Golden Rock?

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