Golden Rock Myanmar

Myanmar Golden Rock

Myanmar, Mon State, Kin Pun. Golden Rock Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda & Temple Kyaikhtiyo is one of the holiest Buddhist places in Burma. There is a solid rock on the rim of a rock with a pit with a hair of Buddha on it, an important place of worship for Burmese Buddhists. On the northeast of Yangon, over a precipitous rock, the giant Golden Rock provides an astonishing view.

This stone, which looks like real solid golden, is actually a block of stone with Buddhist pendants on it. It is about 7½ metres high and has a golden marble grave named Kyaikhtiyo or Kyaik Hti Yo grave, on which the Buddha's reliquary of human hairdry.

This rock is balanced on the brink of a rock and it seems that it could drop into the underlying canyon anytime. It seems to float above the floor, the surface of the stone is very small. There is an air of dedication around the pilgrimage, with the lit candle, the song of the faithful, the scent of joss stick and the gifts offered to the sanctuary.

They say that this place has been a place of Buddhism for 2,600 years. Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda is one of the most important places of Buddhism in Burma. Everyday many visitors come to the rocks and show their respects. Submissive bumblebees put on the rocks.

That only men can do, because a woman must not contact the rock. As this is a holy place, you must take off your boots and stockings at the front door and run barefooted to the Golden Rock. There are two large limes or chilthes guarding the area.

At nightfall, the Golden Rock is a place with a mystic ambience with all those little torches and candles. He went to the king and asked him to anchor the reliquary on a rock in the form of the hermit's skull. They say that the Buddha's fur, which is anchored in the rock in the pit, prevent the Golden Rock from falling.

It is said that the ship that transported the rock was turned into rock. One large rock near the Golden Rock, which resembles the form of a ship, has another mock-up called the Kyaukthanban Pagoda. Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda Golden Rock is situated near the city of Kyaikto, about 80 kilometres east of Bago and 160 kilometres northeast of Yangon.

From Yangon or Bago, the first stage of the trip will take a coach or take a personal cab to the small town of Kinpun at the foot of the rock. A 30-minute drive on the curvy streets of the wooded hills over 1,000 metres above sealevel to Ya Thay Taung.

It is about an hour's stroll from here to the Golden Rock along a street with gift stores. Take off your boots and stockings at the entry door of the temples and go barefooted. When you don't want to go for walks, rent carriers to take you to the Kyaikhtiyo Golden Pagoda in a kind of limousine.

Golden Rock Temples are open 24/7.

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