Golden Myanmar Movie

Myanmar Golden Film

This film will be shot completely on location in Myanmar. The film, this journey, this offer, is to a place in the world called Suvanabhumi, the Golden Land in the Mon state of Myanmar. Type in your location to see which cinemas play the Golden Land of Myanmar near you. The return of the golden days? The Myanmar Motion Picture Museum, like many buildings in Yangon, has experienced better times.

Golden Land Myanmar (2014)

The movie travels to a place in the worid named Suvananananabhumi, the Golden Country in the mon-state Myanmar (Burma). The movie investigates this magic country with its unique images of parishes, landscapes and old Buddhaist couples that have not changed much since the arrival of Buddhism over 2500 years ago.

This is a real Shrine that protects and nurtures the practices, dedication and principals of the teachings and philosophies of Buddhism, which are as basic and exalted as they have been since the Ancients.

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