Golden Myanmar Hotel Pathein

Myanmar Golden Hotel Pathein

Articles about Golden Myanmar Hotel. Situated in Pathein, the Golden Princess Hotel has a garden. This hotel is located in Pathein, near the Tar Wa Tein Thar Pagoda and more! Check prices and find the best deal for Swen Hotel. Do not book Golden Princess Hotel &

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It is a vision with views of the golden sands and crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean, it is the perfect place for those looking for luxuries in a quiet area. Sixty-four lovely, roomy cabins and five executive suites with private swimming pools and butlers services are constructed in classic rural styles amidst lush greenery or on the beaches with large porches facing the ocean.

Ideally situated 4 hrs by car from Yangon, or to take an AIR BAGAN flight to Pathein in 35 min., greeted by our airport pick-up and only 1 hr by limousine to Aureum Hotel & Resort. Bay of Bengal Resort is the ideal place for a fantastic NgweSaung holiday.

Ngwe Saung is known for its funny families excursions, honeymoon and the best meeting venues in Ngwe Saung. The Bay of Bengal is located on an extensive, carefully laid out site and opens up to the wonderful Ngwe Saung Beach, which has been chosen as one of the best in Myanmar. During your Ngwe Saung holiday you have the chance to enjoy the best of what Ngwe Saung has to provide, whether you are looking for recreation or thrill.

Besides the nice situation the residence has a number of different things to do. Treat yourself to a full days in Spa Grande, enjoy a relaxing swim at the pool, plan a fitness studio, snorkel or visit the many lovely spots Chaung Thar Beach, Lovers Island has to boast. It has the only currency change office of Ngwe Saung Beach.

This souvenir shop offers a great selection of gorgeous jewelry, eye-catching accessoires, original Myanmar folk costumes and unforgettable memorabilia. Charming Love lsland at the other end of the shore is the nearest of the islands and its small hillside is a great way to watch the dazzling sundowns.

There is a 360° view of the ocean and the shore from the wood spire on the hills. Lean back, unwind and watch the sun set on the highest point of the Nwe Saung area. The island of Sa Khan, or camping island, can be accessed in about an hours by a fishermarine. Tung Yar Shay, or Long Island, is about twenty min by boot from Sa Khan.

It is a big isle, full of caverns and an excellent place for adventure-loving travellers. Reach this thrilling cavern isle with small craft winding through the remnants of semi-submerged caverns, making the adventure even more thrilling. You can explore the islands caverns for hour s-and the crystalline depths are perfect for snorkelling and caving.

Elephant Camp lies between big saplings in the bush yard and is a great stopover on the way back to Yangon. Ngwe Saung Township, Pathein, Irrawaddy Division, MYANMAR. Ngwesaung is one of the most scenic coastlines in Myanmar, 3-4 hrs by car from Yangon, the capital of Myanmar.

The lobby & reception ; the resort is situated in a luxuriant tropic environment with a view of the Bengal Sea. At the Sunny Paradise Resort you will find real tranquillity and relaxation. No. 90 (A/B), Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Situated about 210 km southwest of Yangon, a new jewel is hiding under Palm Trees.

Myanmar Treasure Resort is located at a premium location on a 9-league long stretch of crystalline waters and clear sky, providing a place to relax and unwind like never before. Twenty thirty leagues to Pathein, the Ayeyarwady Division capitol, known for its handmade parasols and earthenware bowls, is a luxurious hotel where oriental hospitability comes together with West lust.

Ayeyarwaddy Division, Myanmar. Palm is an intimate area. It is an unspoilt heaven on an enchantingly beautiful blank sand beaches, between picturesque hills and the crystalline water of the Indian Ocean, which shimmers in a shimmer of clear water and is only 5 hrs by car from Yangon.

There are 31 luxury, roomy, traditional wood cottages with A/C, mini-bar, safe, satellite TV, 24-hour electricity with warm and cool waters and high standard toilets, etc., the most attractive in the area. The facilities are a fresh running freshwater swimming pools, beach service with sunshades, deck chair, hand towels and fresh pressed cider.

Nowhere else in Myanmar can you find so much in one place: comforts, charm and luxuries, cultural and convivial. North Wesaung Beaches, Pathein, Myanmar. Emerald Sea is on Myanmar's most beautiful and breathtaking stretch of water. It is an enchanting heaven between picturesque hills and the crystalline water of the Indian Ocean, which shimmers in a shimmer of white water and is only 5 hrs by car from Yangon.

North Wesaung Beach, Pathein, Myanmar.

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