Golden Myanmar Flight

Myanmar Golden Flight

Headquarter - Co-operative Bank Ltd, Kaung Myanmar Aung Business Development Enterprise. Burma Airways International is the country's flagship, while Golden Myanmar currently offers international flights to Singapore and Bangkok. In the late morning transfer to the airport for your flight to Bagan. Gold Myanmar Airlines is one of the leading international airlines offering low-cost business flights from the USA to India. " Domestic Flight" or "Domestic Flights" are promotions within Myanmar.

Myanmar Golden Flight arrives at Imphal International Airport

Imphal, 21 November 2015: The flight of Golden Myanmar Airlines from Myanmar arrived at Imphal International at the Sangai Festival on Saturday at 11 am. Myanmar, Myanmar, were part of the group of Myanmar travel agents that arrived at the Meeteis. Talking to representatives of the press at Imphal International Airports, Golden Myanmar Airlines agents said their flight arrived in Imphal for the 6th consecutive year during the Sangai Festival seasons.

Officers also wished to regularly travel between Imphal and Mandalay, apart from the planned landing during the Sangai Festival year. One on-flight travel agent said Manipur and Myanmar have much in common, as well as culture and tradition. One of the two Meetei travellers from Mandalay who ended up in Imphal to experience the 2015 Sangai Festival said that Manipur's trip reminds them of their "ancestors".

Myanmar Golden Flight

"Agri Director Rajendro, instead of giving a straight answer to our questions, asked where we got the report" IT News Imphal, June 1:..... June 1, IT News Imphal: National Sports University's administration building was plundered by DESAM (Democratic Students' Alliance of Manipur) officials.....

June 1 : 235 (two hundred and thirty-five) Young technicians (contract) responsible for the repair of transformers..... June 1st, IT News Imphal: The banned group PREPAK (PRO) has celebrated its eighth progressive day today.

Flights & Booking Golden Myanmar Airlines

Gold Myanmar Airlines (GMA) was successfully established as the first publicly owned carrier in Myanmar. Founded on September 14, 2012 under the Myanmar Compinies Act on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, it is situated on the third level of Saya San Plaza, corner New University Avenue Street, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Myanmar Airline Public Company Limited also provides Mandalay International Airports services including airports, groundhandling, technical freight services and other aviation-related services. GMA's expansion is backed up by a highly skilled executive staff with in-depth backgrounds in the aerospace sector and outstanding managerial qualities. Our seasoned flight operations staff is headed by a senior flight commander with more than 10,000 flight-hour training and all of our flight controllers have been instructed in CAE training institutions.

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