Golden Myanmar Airlines Singapore to Mandalay

Myanmar Airlines Singapore to Mandalay

RGN Mandalay to Yangon. Harbors- Mandalay International Airport. Does anyone have experience with Golden Myanmar airlines? Burmese domestic flights - flights from Bangkok to Burma - Singapore to Burma flights. There are plans to operate from Mandalay Int'l and Yangon on domestic and regional routes.

Discount flights with Golden Myanmar Airlines

A new addition to the aeronautical industry is the recently founded Golden Myanmar Airlines. Golden Myanmar Airlines is planning to add two additional planes to its annual fleets with the support of 15 major shareholders, among them the CEO of CB Bank and Myanmar Golden Star. As the first national and multinational low-cost carrier in Myanmar, it is also proud to be a people-focused carrier whose employees and crews strive to deliver excellent services and uphold high operating levels for its aircrafts.

Under the slogan "Everything We Do Every Date Is For Your Satisfaction" there is no question that the flight with Golden Myanmar Airlines can only be a pleasure. Golden Myanmar Airlines, which flies to more than 10 different Myanmar airport destinations, may be your best option for a visit to Myanmar. Though a significant number of full-service airlines operate to Myanmar, only a few low-cost airlines do so.

The flight with Golden Myanmar Airlines does not start at the Mandalay International Airports, but in the city centre of Mandalay, where the airlines offer a free daily shuttleservice to the Aiport! For the latest information, please visit the Golden Myanmar Airlines website. Even though it is not possible to book your flight on line, the people-oriented airlines will be happy to help you check-in at the airports.

Featuring extravagant seating like the Ruby SEAT, Jade Seat and Gold Seat for your choice, it's tough not to spoil yourself when a USD1 and USD2 upgrades for your home flights and your global flights begin! Eating your famine is simple when the Golden Sky Café offers you good value for money!

Golden Myanmar Airlines serves Myanmar fare such as roasted vermilion and roasted USD5 pine apple and various UDS1 beverages for a great value and enjoyable outing! There are no limits on your luggage as long as your cabin luggage does not weigh more than 10 kg. If you have more luggage at your disposal, check-in will cost between $12 and $55 - less than most low-cost airlines in the area!

Benefit from the low cost of checked luggage, as the cost of extra luggage is not as high as in your pocket.

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