Golden Myanmar Airlines Review

Review of Golden Myanmar Airlines

Cross-referencing and booking Golden Myanmar Airlines: View travel reports and find great flight deals for Golden Myanmar Airlines. Myanma Airways, Yangon Airways and Golden Myanmar Airways. New University Avenue Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar. View our reviews, seating plans, photos and upgrade tips to make your trip great.

Myanmar Airlines

I was denied boarding at Yangon for the Bangkok trip last weekend because I do not have a Thai visas. So although I told them in detail that I had just landed in Yangon via Bangkok 10 nights earlier and flown back to my final destinations via Bangkok, there was no need to go through Bangkok migration, the personnel and superior there turned me down and said that it was a cheap point-to-point airline.

I had no intentions to get in this case, so I did not request a permit. I was even okay to subscribe compensation (after all, it was always a passenger's responsibility) and I stated that all the check-in desks at Suvarnabhumi International Airports did not require transit, but they existed and did sound as if the Thai immigrant was waiting for the aircraft's movements to complete the process.

There is no superintendent at the airfield to deal with such cases and all you have is at the hands of inexperienced personnel and the inspector who could make no decisions at all. I had to run around after her tortures to make the next plane ride so I wouldn't miss my comms.

And since I don't live in Myanmar (although I have a Myanmar passport), I don't have a landline telephone and had to walk around asking someone to allow me to use a landline call to buy a Thai Airways flight pass. As some airlines make you through your migration before you pick up your baggage, it could have been that the GMA uses the part of the airport that requires it, and therefore you could not be screened in because you would get trapped at the other end.

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Myanmar Airlines? Did anyone fly Golden Myanmar Airlines? Myanmar Airlines? Myanmar Airlines? Yeah, I took her from Bagan to Yangon last weekend. I' ve reserved it through one of the Bagan tourist agencies. Extreme cleaner aircraft and nice personnel. Myanmar Airlines? Myanmar Airlines? Myanmar Airlines?

Myanmar Airlines? Myanmar Airlines? Myanmar Airlines Golden? Groo, I think they're operating in Myanmar now. Myanmar Airlines? Myanmar Airlines. It embarrasses me as a Burmese to be associated with your company! Guys, pull yourself together and train your team! You do not need to go to Thai immigrants, AND you do not need a US visas if you already have one!

Qatar is a 5-star airliner! Thankfully, an employee of the Thai Air Force assisted him and he was able to travel to travel to travel to school with a Thai airlines. I don't think you even merit using the titles Golden or Myanmar. Myanmar Airlines?

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