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"We started by founding the Golden Myanmar Airlines Public Company with a few shareholders. " We want people to be able to enjoy a good service at a reasonable price. Carriers - Myanmar Airways International - Myanmar National Airlines. Gold Myanmar Airlines Public Co. s.

r.o. Promotion and Ticket Booking. The online booking is possible on all websites of the airlines.

Gold Myanmar Airlines (Y5) Business Class Tickets

Gold Myanmar Airlines is one of the best airlines in the United States offering low-cost air travel to India. Gold Myanmar Airlines offers low-cost air travel to India's main destinations from the US's main airfields. Golden Myanmar Airlines offers first-class seating and other facilities in its executive coaches.

Golden Myanmar Airlines is offering a wide range of exquisite in-flight dining and personalized dining services on its U.S.-India Buses. Myanmar Airlines? customers also receive free equipment packages and stylish readings, which include magazine in workrooms.

Gold Myanmar Airlines is one of the world' s premier airlines for US-India services. As one of the world' s premier global airlines, we are confident that Golden Myanmar Airlines? will book affordable US Airline flight to India. Also, we have the best offers for last-minute businessclass trips on Golden Myanmar Airlines services to India.

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Gold Myanmar Airlines (GMA) was successfully established as the first publicly owned carrier in Myanmar. Founded on September 14, 2012 under the Myanmar Compinies Act on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, it is situated on the third level of Saya San Plaza, corner New University Avenue Street, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Myanmar Airline Public Company Limited also provides Mandalay International Airports services including airports, groundhandling, technical freight services and other aviation-related services. GMA's expansion is backed up by a highly skilled executive staff with in-depth backgrounds in the aerospace sector and outstanding managerial qualities. Our seasoned flying operations staff is headed by a senior airline pilote with more than 10,000 flying lessons and all of our drivers have been instructed in CAE training institutions.

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