Golden Myanmar Airlines Fleet

Myanmar Airlines Golden Fleet

Myanmar Airlines Golden airline airline name; active status. Soon flying with Golden Myanmar Airlines? You are kindly asked to rate Golden Myanmar Airlines:. The first Myanmar Aviation Public Company is Golden Myanmar Airlines.

Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand.

Gold Myanmar Airlines develops routes net

Golden Myanmar Airlines took off for its third round-trip flight to Chiang Mai in Thailand on October 2. Connections to Singapore and Bangkok began in 2013. It will be served three times a week by the airline's A320. Gold Myanmar Airlines is a relatively young carrier aiming to become established in the fast-growing Myanmar airport.

Since 2013 the carrier has been operating a combined fleet of two Airbus A320s and two ATR 72-600s. Its first three flights, all from Yangon, led to Bangkok, Mandalay and Singapore with the first of these. Itineraries to Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, which were shown as "future routes" in the airline's in-flight magazines (EazyFly) in mid-2013, are still outstanding.

The fleet was expanded to include a second Airbus A 320 in mid-October 2013. The Golden Myanmar Airlines airlines' air travel networks are all national. There are 13 German aerodromes on this flight plan, but only 11 are currently listed on the airline's website. Besides these points in Thailand, the carrier also operates to three foreign countries, most recently Chiang Mai in Thailand.

Two ATR 72-600 were added this past year, one in May and one in June, although according to a Air Lease Corporation news item (June 4, 2013) these planes were initially scheduled for January and March of this year. The smaller planes, better suited for inland operation, have allowed the company to take off over a decade of flights throughout the entire UK this year.

This latest inland service runs from Yangon to Thandwe, which went into operation on 4 October first. The online reservation system of the carrier serves a tot of 11 German airfields. At the moment the available couples are: All in all, there are 15 German airfield couples. Not yet approached are Kyaing Tong / Kengtung (KET) and Myeik (MGZ).

At present, there is no evidence of any fleet expansion plan for the near term. Golden Myanmar Airlines launched its latest national service from Yangon to Thandwe on October 4. ATR 72-600s operate this service four days a week. Currently, the company operates a fleet of 15 German airlines, with Mandalay having the largest international air traffic management system and non-stop connections to seven other international airlines.

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