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I' ve flown with them twice last year and they really are a top class airline. Onboard service was what you would expect from any world-class airline. I don't think you deserve to use the title Golden or Myanmar. GOLDEN MYANMAR local travellers can get added value with our Elite Club frequent flyer program. Flights of Golden Myanmar Airline are safe and fast.

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Gold Myanmar Airlines (Burmese: ?????????? ???????????????) national and multinational airlines founded in August 2012. The bank was founded by 15 institutional clients, among them the chairpersons of CB Bank and Myanmar Golden Star. In January 2013, the company started operation with an Airbus 320 and was planning to introduce a new plane into its portfolio every six-month.

From 2012 to 2016, the company was operating a sole Airbus 320 on lease. Another Airbus A 320 was in operation from 2013 to 2014 until it was irreparably destroyed. An Airbus A321 of Golden Myanmar Airlines was irreparably injured at Yangon International Airport on 14 April 2014 when it hit the back of another plane during towing[2] The cell was retained in Bago, Myanmar in 2016 and used as a canteen.

Golden Myanmar Airways XY-AGT. The Wikimedia Commons has got coverage on Golden Myanmar Airlines.

Gold Myanmar Airlines - dependable? - Burma Message Board

Gold Myanmar Airlines - dependable? I' ve seen that Golden Myanmar Airlines offers less expensive airlines than some of the other Burmese airlines, for example Yangon -Mandalay ($50 ex luggage), Mandalay -Nyaung U ($25 ex luggage), Thailand-Yangon ($59 ex luggage). Has anyone recently had experience with this carrier and are they trustworthy?

Will it be secure to reserve the Thandwe - Yangon trip one full working days before our Burmese trip? Gold Myanmar Airlines - dependable? Being a fairly new line and not many folks are mentioning it, so we know if it will be secure and dependable to use in a few years.

I suspect Golden Myanmar Airlines will use their 2 ATR propeller aircraft for Thandwe - Yangon, which has fewer people. Security of the internal flights? Booking it at least a few nights in advance - it is a long journey from Thandwe. Gold Myanmar Airlines - dependable? There is now a offer that contains 20Kg free luggage EXCEPT for the distance Yangon-Mandalay and for $25 for the distance Nyaung U (Bagan)-Mandalay or Mandalay-Heho (Lake Inle), it works for me.

Gold Myanmar Airlines - dependable? Gold Myanmar Airlines - dependable? I' ve been on two Golden Myanmar Airlines missions. Gold Myanmar Airlines - dependable? Gold Myanmar Airlines - dependable? Gold Myanmar Airlines - dependable? However, it seems to make good business flying when Golden Myanmar Airlines offers lower fares?

Gold Myanmar Airlines - dependable? Searching for Yangon to Nyaung U and Golden Myanmar costs 59 US dollars, while Al KBZ will charge twice as much. Gold Myanmar Airlines - dependable? Gold Myanmar Airlines - dependable?

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