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Gold Myanmar Airlines reserves the right to change all terms and conditions in accordance with the company's current policies. Flight code share with Air KBZ. Booking flights with Golden Myanmar Airlines. Find out about Golden Myanmar Airlines fees and the latest flight information. GOLDEN MYANMAR AIRLINE TIMETABLE.

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For Y5 and one-way fares'not transferable' not indefinable. Z A Z D' E-Classes for Foreigners . The children's rate (2 to 12 years) applies to 75% of the net rate for all categories. Toddler is under 2 years old and charges $04.00 per person per area.

FULL SUPERCHARGE full supercharge (yr) may vary according to petrol prices. Refunds are made at 50% for classes A and at 75% for the tickets bought in classes A, G and G with the corresponding Tax. A ' C ' C ' A ' a' c' c' a' c' 10.00 per person / per section within 180 day of departure.

Modification fee: A' Z' D' D' D' E Category $10.00 per sector/person within 180 working nights from the date of departure. Modify charges (1) Same rate : Modification charge only $10.00 per industry / person. Paragraph (2) Low to high price : Revision Charge $10.00 + Price Differing per Domain / Person .

A high price at a low price: For classes A ?Z ?D and I ? a charge of $20.00 is levied. Gold Myanmar Airlines is not responsible for the provision of services and is not responsible for any costs arising from the non-operation of connecting services.

Gold Myanmar Airlines reserves the right to amend any term and condition in accordance with the Company's most recent policies. Prices for adults and kids are the same (airfare - 25% for all classes) + YQ + YR + airport tax. Child rates = 3 US dollars for YQ + 5 US dollars and not for commission and non-refundable.

Kid's under 2 years old. If one of the parents travels with more than one dependent children (max. 2), one of the children is entitled to a children's rate without a place to sit and the others buy children's rates. Kid is between 2 and 12 years old. Foreigners - 50% for all tariff categories will be reimbursed the value of the tickets bought.

Refunds Date changes Name and industry changes can be made within 180 business day of departure.

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