Golden Kalaw Inn

Centenary Inn Golden Kalaw

Award-winning hiking guidebook - review of the Golden Kalaw Inn, Kalaw, Myanmar So we hiked through the roads and found out that the Golden Kalaw Inn was open. We had a room for 8$ without breakfasts which sounds very good! Sleeping for a few hrs, we went to checkout and found someone else at the front desk and got said that we had to buy $15! Accommodation for about 5 hrs! No, the man at the front desk didn't say $8 a person for the room!

So, look, boys, don't go there unless you're willing to give $15 or immediately start paying for the room to prevent disillusion.

Do not cheat fatigued folks to stay there and tell them false rates!

Inexpensive for budget backpackers - Review by Golden Kalaw Inn, Kalaw, Myanmar

Having read good critiques about this guest house, we decided to drive here for 2 evenings. We have sent them several e-mails to make a booking. So, we booked through a Yangon based agency (7diamonds travel). We' re paying $23 for a three-bed room with its own en-suite bath. It was a very impoverished room with a very low lavatory with flushing, a filthy washbasin with plenty of flowing tapa.

Filthy soda ran down the bottom to the drain, upgh! Even the showers were very bad, hardly any hot tapware. At night, large groups of howling and howling hounds walked the streets. Well, I really don't see why this guest house is getting any good review. Had we not reserved and paid in advance, we would not have taken this room and looked for a better opportunity in the city.

Good tidings are that they are constructing a new guest house right after the present one. I' m thinking they'll tear down the old place, and that'll be the best one.

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