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We will use your comments to help us make it easier for you to make your next booking. We are sorry, but there was an erroneous reply. Thank you for your reply. We are sorry, but there was an erroneous entry of your comments. I' m sorry, but it seems something went awry when I submitted this. Golden Hill Hotel accepts your hotel reservation - please enter in the next stage!

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Hiking and culture in Myanmar

Yangon-Bagan. In the early hours of the day we take a brief plane to Bagan, one of the great miracles of the game. Numerous expansive Buddhist monasteries are spread across a huge dust plains, making Bagan one of the most noteworthy sites in Southeast Asia. Hike along the powdery paths and visit splendid churches and mighty couples.

We will ascend one of the destroyed coupons in the afternoons to enjoy a stunning sunset over the majestic Irrawaddy and the plains with innumerable pagoda and temple sites. The Lacquerware is a typical artwork and we will also go to a factory to see how it is made.

Bagan-Mindat. Goodbye from Bagan we cross the powerful Irrawaddy River and further on steep and powdery country lanes through arid hill country and the velvety plain of the paddy paddies into the Pontaung Mountains. On to Mindat, we cross lowlands of tropic forests and finally reach our goal, which lies on a hill at 1480m aboveseas.

Mind/Madat is the most important administration city of the South Chinese state. On this night, you will be able to see the unbelievable Swedish Pagoda. There' s plenty to see in the early hours of the mornings as the nuns gather charity and the kids go to go to church, and we will also go to the community market to do last-minute shopping before starting our 7-day hike to the Chin Hills.

We' ll drive to our trailerhead in our own jeep and start our hike through the woods and plantation of teas down to the town of Khone Eai for dinner. We then ascend through dense woods to a mountain crest, where we can enjoy the view before we descend to the town of Ámlong (1307m), where we will stay with a family.

At the bottom of the valleys we go up to the small town of Kyar Aei Nuu (1430m), but the trail is never too sharp and we arrive at our house around noon. The afternoons are free to walk around the town and maybe play a soccer match with the people.

During our walk we cross the hamlet of Oumlong, which is located on one of the ridges, and the hamlet of Madat, where we have our lunches. Today we head to Kyardo town, which is about 2 hrs away. On the way there there is a lot of rural living to see, with a good example of the animistic wood sacrifice posts used for hanging victims.

Dinner in a recently constructed convent before another short walk through wooded areas on the way to Aye (1845m). On this night we can try a regional brew and take in the panorama view of Mindat and beyond. Today our tour leads us to the secluded hamlet of Do Nuu (2211m).

We have two ways to the town, a simple path that allows us to get to Do Nuu at noon or a more demanding hike with steep ascents. We will spend the night in the town of Do Nuu itself or in our own house on a mountain crest on a street to Kampalat.

We walk to the top of Mount Victoria, which the British called after the Queen. Khawnuthone in Chin and Natmataung in Burma, which means Ghostma. It becomes more picturesque and winds up to the top at 3053m, the highest point of the area.

There' s a flagstaff and a golden coupe on the top from where we can admire the view. This evening we tent below the peak and watch a dramatic sun set over the Chin Hills view. We will return to the base camps after our last hike in the morning, where our trucks wait for the brief trip to Kampalat.

The Kampalat is a former British mountain station that dates back to the Raj era. Following the tip ceremonies and the goodbye of the technical assistance staff, we will have dinner in Kampalat. It' s lunchtime this afternoons for a walk through this vibrant city with its busy convent and school. Campalat - Bagan. Today we return to Bagan through the Chin Hills (about 6 hours), leave the cold mountain stations behind us and return to the warmth and moisture of the plain.

On the way we stop for dinner at the town of Saw and then head to Kazunma, a small town between the Chin highland and the Myanmar lowlands. Arriving in Bagan in the afternoons, we should enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine on the grass over the golden setting of the sun.

Bagan-Mandalay. In the early hours of the night we take a brief plane ride to Mandalay, the former Myanmar city. We will visit the Maha Ganayon Kyaung Monastery, where the monks who collect charity take place at 10 am. Departing for the pier near Ava to make the brief crossover for dinner in the shadow of the mongooserees.

We then take the shuttle back across the riverbank and watch the sun set under the legendary U Bein Brigde, the longest wooden deck in the game. We will then go to Shwenandaw Kyaung, one of the most complicated monasteries in Myanmar. In the afternoon we take a small riverboat to Mingun, on the other side of the Irrawaddy Canyon.

From Yangon our flights will start later in the afternoons or early in the evenings and we will set off for our last supper directly from the airfield before we return to our city. This is the end of our Myanmar quest. There will be a one-way group shuttle to Yangon International Airports this afternoons ( please see information on connection arrangements and transfers by route for details).

Generally, the hiking is relatively simple on this Myanmar vacation, as it runs on good trails between the towns at a relatively temperate altitudin. It is 3055m above sealevel, at the top of Mt Victoria. Notice that Chin Hills is a isolated area where few travellers have visited before.

While the Chin Hills are colder than the plateaus, the weather is still hot and relatively moist in the later winters, which has to be taken into consideration.

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