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Lashio Golden Hill

To find restaurants, activities and nightlife near the Golden Hill Hotel, use the column on the right. The Golden Hill Hotel is located in Myanmar, Shan State, Lashio. Look what your friends are saying about the Golden Hill Hotel. Golden Hill Hotel - Lashio has free WiFi throughout the property and offers accommodation in Lashio.

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The Golden Hill Accomodation provides 3-star comfort in Lashio. There is also a baggage store, a café and an excursion counter. There is Wi-Fi, parking and washing facilities. An outside patio provides a beautiful place to unwind when the sun is shining. For those who sleep at the Golden Hill Hospitality Centre, a uniquely local food and beverage event is available at the local restaurants, ideal for those who want to remain nearby with meals.

From Lashio airport, the resort is only 15 minutes by car.

The Golden Hill Hotel - Lashio

Lashio Golden Hill Lashio offers 3 star lodging with patio. A 24-hour reception is also available for you. Accomodation has a complimentary WiFi and catering services throughout the area. All rooms in the guesthouse are fitted with a closet. Every day a continuous breakfasts is offered on the area.

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Please choose your trip data. The number of people per room is to be chosen. Unfortunately there are no rooms for {0} people. Golden Hill in Lashio has free WiFi throughout the site and provides lodging in Lashio. Our clients can taste the local food. You can rent a vehicle in this resort and the area is very famous for golfers.

Kids are welcome in this motel. Childrens from 5 years pay 100% of the adults rate. You can pay by bank transfer at the hotels. Add to "Favorite Hotels" Remove from "Favorite Hotels" ???

Proveo enhances safety at Golden Hill in Burma

Proveo multi-media and IP monitoring solutions have been successfully used in a prestige hotel-apartment building in Burma. Lazhio is the biggest city in Myanmar, about 200 kilometers north east of Mandalay. Golden Hill is an inhouse residential building in the best location of Lashio with stunning view.

We offer our guests extraordinary safety and services. Founder are far away, 700 kilometers from Yangon. To enhance the safety and manageability of the building, they chose Provideo's IP monitoring and IP solution to support the monitoring of the hospitality area. It provides them with robust monitoring power with the option of portable monitoring to make sure they can look after the entire facility remotely.

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