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The Princess Hotel places all of the city limits directly in front of the front door. Gold City Hotel address, phone number, email, reviews and photos. Safe online booking for Golden City Hotel, Yangon. Discover other hotels similar to Myanmar Golden Land Guest House. Company Name: Golden City Light Hotel.

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The Golden City Hotel, Yangon..... 13 Kha- Ngahtatgyi Pagoda Rd, Bahan Tsp, , Golden City Light HotelDescription: This 2-star Golden City-limits Light Hotel provides plenty and availability, whether you are in Mandalay on your own or for your centenary. Cultivation area is an innovative range of equipment to make your break a pleasant one. Accesories like mess....

Home HotelDescription: Three-star The Home Hotel has plenty of space and easy access, whether you are in Mandalay on your own or for your centenary. The hotel's accessoires and service can be admired by businessmen and visitors alike. In order to be able to start in the hotel, there is free Wi-Fi in all..... Mandalay Karaweik Mobile hotel description: The Mandalay Karaweik Mobile Hotel in the west of Mandalay is an excellent base for the analysis of Mandalay.

This hotel has a variety of conveniences and benefits to make sure you have plenty of free day. Accessory like charmleess Wi-Fi .... Kung Myint hotel description: The Kaung Myint Hotel guarantees an appropriate and remarkable stay amidst the first-class tourist latitude of Central Mandalay. This hotel has a variety of conveniences and benefits to make sure you have plenty of free day.

Acessories such as batchless Wi-....

The Golden City Hotel (Myanmar)

No. 13/B, Ngar Htat Gyi Pagoda Rd, Bahan, This hotel has no ratings. The Golden City Hotel is situated in Ngar Htat Gyi Pagoda Rd, Bahan, Myanmar. The enterprise is active in the hotel industry. This your deal? Refresh your store data by including telephone, website, descriptions, working times, locations on the card, classes and pictures.

Gold City Renounces Toener Left

The Golden City luxurious housing and hotel development has declined any investment in the Toener Investment Group of China, which has listed Golden City as a property development on its website. On June 15, Golden City issued a joint declaration in reply to an essay in this document, "Chinese Group to DEAL 31-acre Luxurious complex in Yangon", which stated that Toener was engaged in the construction of Golden City in supplement to two other housing developments in Yangon.

The" Property Projects" section of the company's website contains a list of three Yangon projects: The Golden City, Kanbae Towers and Riverfront Garden. However, Golden City said that Hunan-based Toener Investment Group "never had a share, relationship or affiliation" with Golden City, Golden Land or its Singapore based mother corporation Uni Global Power (UGP).

"Golden Land is the only corporation that has been incorporated and is participating in the Golden City development," the declaration says. Toener has asked Golden City to delete the name Golden City from its website and "not to give any misrepresentation about such a relation between Toener and Golden City," he added. Zheng Xiao, CEO of SMI Real Estate, Toener's municipal JV firm, said that Toener has an interest in the Kanbae Towers and Riverfront Garden but has never been a shareholder in Golden City.

However, she could not commented on why Golden City was performed as a Toener projekt together with Kanbae Towers and Riverfront Garden. UGP majority stockholder Daphne Teo, CIO of D3 Capital, said to The Myanmar Times that Toener officers had previously been personally notified to have Golden City removed from their company's website.

Yesterdays declaration was the first public address by Golden City, Golden Land and UGP, she said, and added that the sources of Töner's misunderstanding were not known. The UGP has had discussions with Toener in the past about cooperation on Myanmar but not with Golden City, Ms. Teo said. While Toener had also leased some Golden City agencies, after Toener had used the Golden City on his website, Toener was asked to go, she said.

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