Golden Butterfly Mogok

Mogok Golden Butterfly

The Golden Butterfly Hotel Mogok Myanmar In Kathe` Village, Bet: The Golden Butterfly Hotel is located near the village of Three Pagodas, making it an ideal base for exploring Mogok. GOLDEN BUTTERFLY HOTEL MOGOK - BURMESE ONLY MOGOK 4* (Myanmar)

Mogok Golden Butterfly Hôtel - Burmese Only is one of the best hotels in Mogok. Golden Butterfly Mogok - Burmese Only offers air conditioning, trousers hanger, stereo, IDD phones and one-touch phones. There is wireless access to the whole area.

Cancellations or changes made up to 2 working nights before the date of your departure will not incur a fine. If you cancel your booking belatedly or do not show up, the full amount of your booking will be invoiced. These are the general cancelation rules of the hotels. Cancellations are subject to change, so please review before booking.

The Golden Butterfly Hotel

It has 24 en-suite cabins that lead to the dining area overlooking the gentle slopes and the underlying canyon. Beneath the dining room there is a large terrace and swiming area, perfect for a relaxed bath after an after-walk.

In fact, there are some great trek trails to enjoy from the hotels - ask your guides or your personnel for moredetail. Beneath the dining-room is a new grand piano with another 40 rooms and a small spas. Notice that the guesthouse is situated on a rather precipitous hillside and although it is not very far, it can be very strenuous to walk up and down from the dining area!

The Golden Butterfly Hotel

The Golden Butterfly is situated near the Three Pagodas town, making it an ideal base for exploration of Mogok. Further amenities of the resort includes a large indoor and outdoor area. Situated in a convenient location for shopping, fun and sight-seeing. Situated in a 148 hectare large courtyard in the best neighborhood of Mogok, it offers the comfort of well-equipped rooms, a large number of dining rooms and a broad range of amenities for guests.

The Golden Butterfly is a home away from home in the former treasure country of Myanmar. Adventurers and eco-travellers will definitely like it. I like to discuss travelling.

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