Golden Butterfly Hotel in Mogok

The Golden Butterfly Hotel in Mogok

The rooms are much better than before and they are indeed very good. Accommodation at the Golden Butterfly Hotel in Mogok. The Golden Butterfly Hotel Mogok - Burmese Only Book / Itinerary

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The Golden Butterfly Hotel

Golden Butterfly Hotel is situated between Esters and Western of Mogok near the town Three Pagodas. Situated in a convenient location for shopping, fun and sight-seeing. The Golden Butterfly Hotel is a "Home Away from Home" in the centre of the former treasure country Myanmar.


Mogok: the country of the pigeon bloody ruby! Royalties around the globe have been looking for mogok jewels and saphires for many hundreds of years. The other gemstones and semi-precious gems found in the Mogoke region are peridots, lapis, lazuli, moonstones, garnets and chrysoberyls. Mogok includes observing indigenous ruby mining, indigenous gem market, gem sharpening and burnishing shops in the world's renowned ruby mine and exploring ethnical groups around Mogok like Lishu, Li-Shaw, Palaung and their way of being.

Following your breakfasts we will meet you at your hotel and travel to Mogok (approx. 201 km, 6/7 hours drive). Accommodation at the Golden Butterfly Hotel in Mogok. Visits the Lin Yaung Chi Ruby Mine, ShwePyi Aye Ruby Mine, Kyat Pyin Market, Htar-PwesGem Market, Precious Stone Grinding and Scratching. Sightseeing Lisu towns and places of interest in Mogok.

Accomodation at the Golden Butterfly Hotel in Mogok. Ride to Mandalay after breakfasts. Pull over in some towns. Arrival in Mandalay and transfers to the hotel and end of the route. The Mogok journey needs a tourist visa. 2 nights in a hotel in a twin room with continental breakfasts.

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