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Burma Golden SF, San Francisco, California. Gold Burma - Order food online - 89 pictures & 85 reviews - Burmese - Mission Bay - San Francisco, CA - Phone number - Menu I think one of the most disappointing things in San Francisco is to find foods that are cheap, tasty and satisfying. Recently we came across Golden Burma, which was near the corners of the cities around Bryant and Mt6th. Of course, if you ever wanted to know what a San Francisco place looks like, Golden Burma would fit the bill quite well - not a big deal, although this place was quite small, the surroundings were rather shabby with the darkened lights, and their meal was very small.

Here were only salad, a few broths and curries - altogether only about 12-15 pieces. First I was really wondering if they really had meats and some of their meals contained proteins (e.g. coconut chicken noodles). So we got her tea leaf salad, coconut chicken noodle salad, a side of samosa and a cup of coconut rice - all for $30!

Here is what we thought about the dinner..... 1st tea leaf lettuce (10/10): Obviously this won't be Burma superstars account of Tea Leafalad and I' m happy it wasn't. Only a few essences like a crispy and crispy peanut were used for the sobriety. Chicken coconut noodle mix (10/10):

Oh my God, the best part was not even the pasta; the hen was SO THENDER. Yk, how they prepared their chickens, because everyone was melting in our molds. and the salinity was astonishing. Coccoussis ("coconut rice") (6/10): It was quite fuzzy but we couldn't really enjoy or sniff it.

The Golden Burma was a great hit! It' called'GOLDEN' for good reasons and I think it really fulfils the sacred triune of affordable, good value and good number. At only $11 each, you can simply serve two out of one and still be happy because the meal is SO GOOD.

Combine that with a fairly good level of customer care and you've got yourself a GOLDEN RETAIL. I' d call Golden Burma "Omg, I would go 2 hours". Overlook the sad mood, go to dinner! Good eating and thriving, beef and veal dry but the flavours are great. Popular Myanmar cuisine in SF and loves tofusalates and seafood cuisine.

Kid I was fake, I have lunches here every Wednesday and think it's the best meal in Burma in SF. Your meal is blowing Burma superstar out of the river and I suggest you leave as soon as possible. I go to the meals are the tofu pasta soup, the seafood casserole and the tea leafy.

We' got the lettuce. Well, my missus liked her currysoup with chickens in a plasticcover. Told me the hen was delicate and had many different crispy ingredients. It' the blended vegetables that was just sorrow. Unhappy about all the garbage and the use of warm foods in plastics.

Well, the dinner. It would have been good if it had been a 2 rather than a zero or a 4. My meal was unpalatable, although it was very good for my woman. I' ve no clue how they can put so much taste in her sherbet.

They were both excellent. The whole thing was the same. Faggots have Burma sausage. Examine out 17-19 items, your burmese curry is the bomb spot com. Clearly my "Go-to" for a hot stuffing with Myanmar quality. When I first came here, I wasn't so happy or full of her wels cowder, which tasted a little thin and mild.

That wasn't a big signal, I thought, because this should be a home run of a meal, as an integral part of Burma's kitchen panthéon / something of a statewide casserole. I am happy that I have come back again because since then I have been strained throughout on their tealeaf lettuce packaged with elaborate flavour, some of the best personality you will find in a lettuce, and very large, rewarding part sizes. What are you looking for?

Curried meat is my favorite. This is a very spicy meal, but it has a good taste and the meat is perfect softer. It is a place without bells and whistles that offers delicious Myanmar cuisine. We' ve got curried veal and chickpea for $10 each. It' s quite simple inside, so this isn't really a first meeting place right now - more of a place to go if you're just looking for good eating for a good deal.

We' re eating because we had a plan for the evening. The Burmese tofu salad (#7) was given to me and I was amazed by the crisp and easy flavour during the dinner. Eating was wholesome (enough) to please me, and I will come back (probably for lunch) to try the remainder of the good eat.

We' ve got wels broth and bean curd lettuce. The Golden Burma is a jewel hiding near the Hall of Justice. Throughout my 3-week jurieservice, I used to spend some of my long lunches here and especially liked the pasta with coconuts. Did the kitty eat seafood chowders with pasta and it was tasty, slightly smaller, as the meal appears on the mealcard.

A very inexpensive and delicious meal. You can order the poultry pasta with it. I' ve had Golden Burma a few time since I began working in the neighbourhood. I' ve had her lunch cart a few nights, and I still have dreams about her noodles. As already said, it is so beautiful to have a place in Burma that you can relax and unwind without long queues (note: Burma Love), it's fast and simple!

However, the meal and the qualitiy are not disappointing. I received the green cabbage and the lentils and I am in passion for the flavours and the flavour of it. This is very inexpensive eating and the servings are good. Usually I get the grinded chickens with it. Condiments and the flavour of the freshly caught seafood lighten the whole room and my belly!

Before I came to San Francisco, I didn't see Burma eating. My friend asked me to come to Richmond to find genuine Myanmar cuisine. One of the things I loved was the lettuce tealeaf. I' m excited to find a fabulous genuine Myanmar style Burma style eatery in my hometown SOMA.

Myanmar is nice and cosy and has great cuisine. In a nutshell: casually, delectably, a pit in the walls, Burmese. At last a Burmese bombshell that requires no car travel or commute! Definitively one of the new jewels in SoMa, Golden Burma is hiding in this calm side road in an already calm part of SoMa and is there especially for the midday crowd, which closes at 19.00 quite early.

While they are not a perforation in the dirty and dirty veins of their peers, they await a little ghettoess, with all their meal presented in single-use dishes and cups. With other words, instagrammers watch out, you have slashed out your task of embellishing the nutrition for you!

However, no matter what, let's concentrate on the important part: your meal is relaxed and cosy, but it' s amazing. Particularly noteworthy are the tealeaf lettuce and wels cowder, both of which are excellent; the poultry crème is also tantalizing.

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