Golden Beach Myanmar

Myanmar Golden Beach

Luxurious Golden Beach Guest House is located in Myanmar, Mon, Setse, village. Booking / access information for the Golden Beach Resort Hotel is included. This is Chaung Thar Road, Chaungtha Beach, Chaungtha, Myanmar. Close to the Golden Beach Hotel.

goldbeach Resort Hospitality (Chaung tha)

Have a free breakfasts. Taste exquisite China, Europe and Myanmar cuisine in the dining room or drink cold beers or coconut oil at the swimming pools around the café. To make your visit with us as pleasant as possible, we make a wide range of facilities available. Free of charge connection to the local net (please ask at the reception).

The Golden Beach Resort Hotel (Chaungtha, Myanmar) in Chaungtha Beach

The Golden Beach Hotel (Chaungtha, Myanmar) is situated on the beach and provides an outside swimming pools and the guest can eat a nice dinner in the restaurants. Each room in this residence is air-conditioned and has a television. Minigolf and bike rental are available on the plot. There is a legal requirement for the guest to be of legal age:

If more than 5 rooms are booked, other guidelines and extra charges may be applicable.

The Golden Beach Resort Hotel

This hotel accepts cash only for all purchases on the hotel property and for extras. For further details please contact the reception directly. Please note that cultural norms and dining guidelines may vary by country and accommodation. The listed guidelines were provided by the accommodation.

The price includes all fees that this accommodation has indicated to us. However, these can change, for example, depending on the length of the stay or the booked sales unit.

Nice Resort - Review of Golden Beach Resort Hotel, Chaungtha, Myanmar

The hotel n'est pas situé à Yangon mais à Chaung Tha Beach, à environ 6 heures de bus de Yangon - c'est un mystère pour moi pourquoi des Tripadvisors ont perdu la place. There it is at the Beach Road, the bus from Yangon drop you off directly at the hotel. Breakfast très économique et asiatique (buffet), mais compréhensible, j'étais le seul étranger dans l'hôtel, tous les autres Birmans avec de gros véhicules tout terrain).

Rooms with TV and AC, but only electricity from sunset to sunrise and lunch for 1-2 hours. Beautiful outdoor piscine, mais pas utilisable le week-end, puisque les familles élargies indiennes-Birmanes (jusqu'à 20 enfants et se baigner dans des vêtements) sont occupés en permanence. Cheap nourriture sur la plage des marchands ambulants, de la musique forte et des feux d'artifice privés le soir le week-end, mais à partir de minuit, il est calme.

Sinon, who spends there longer will be bored on site, for a few days Okay, who spends there longer will be bored.

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