Golden Arrow Hotel Monywa

Hotel Golden Arrow Monywa

The Golden Arrow Hotel, Monywa. Cruise to Hotel Bahosi to discover the wonders of Yangon. Green hotel in the facade. The new Golden Arrow Hotel, Monywa. Contributions to New Golden Arrow Hotel.

Myanmar Hotel Booking Center 2017 - Golden Arrow Hotel

The Golden Arrow Hotel, Monywa... Yonegyi Qr., Bogyoke Aungsan St," Panda hotel description: Cruise to the Panda Hotel to discover the miracles of Yangon. The hotel offers a range of accessoires and service that you must pay for an adequate night's rest. In order to start in the hotel, all rooms have free Wi-Fi, 24-hour safety service, circular.....

Description of MiCasa Hotel Apartments: The MiCasa Hotel Apartments is suitable for both commercial and recreational use. The hotel's accessoires and service can be admired by businessmen and visitors alike. Profitability of the hotel wargeless Wi-Fi in all rooms, Wi-Fi in at-tainab....

ACCOMMODATION GOLDEN ARROW HOTEL - MONYWA - Myanmar - Burma: Accommodation > Hotel

Extra (with TV and fridge) US$15 one way, US$20 two ways, US$25 three ways. Normal singlerooms US$12, doubleroom $18, tripple room US$22, breakfast inlcuded. On the intersection of a broad alley. It' a hotel with a lush greenery. It' a slightly bumbling little hospitals in the big rooms, but it' s clear. Extensive free space also in the hallways, the foyer.

The Golden Arrow Hotel, Sagaing Region, Myanmar (Burma)

A very simple hotel. It has a somewhat dubious atmosphere, but if you stop in Monywa to interrupt your trip, then it will be enough for the prize. Said that there is both CATV and good Wi-Fi available. There' are some teas outside the hotel. Please note: Monywa and Shwebo hotels are quite full with local people on Friday night, so it's best to reserve in advance.

I called a few hotels, but it was either full or too much. This was quite simple, the cot was quite comfy. Well, the bathrooms, its characteristic of the hotels/guest houses used by the local people, enough said. lt had boiling tide. The Wifi is very sluggish and only works at the front desk. If you are a traveler on a low budget, we took offense at spending $35 for a fairly simple room.... no warmth, no WiFi in the room, and so on.

But the employees were very kind and despite their weak command of German, they avoided to help us the next morning, which was good. It' a hotel in the city centre with sleepy rooms. The worst'hotel' I've ever seen..... It' like a sleepover hotel or something. There was no warm running cistern, the room smelled sick, the bathroom was run-down, the whole event was horrible.....

This hotel can really interrupt your vacation in Myanmar after a long trip to the city of Monywa. There is no warm running cold running cold running cold running cold running cold water. It is not a hotel but a regular accomodation. Extremely low speed wifi, no warm running waters, cracked showers, leaky bathrooms, window panes (don't see through).... we went 30 min after checking in.

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