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Myanmar Gold Movie

Do you want to know which movies are being played in your area? Learn more about the films that can now be seen in all Golden Screen cinemas. And now, to get more expensive in town. Gold for film awards. Nyi Nyi Tun Lwin, Myanmar's leading director, described the success of his films as follows:

Sparkling N Gold: Myanmar's Positioning in a Globalized World - Arun Tiwari, Arvind Narayan, Kyi Thein (U.), P. Krishnam Ruju

The night before my heart chest operation, on February 4, 2004, at Care Hospital, Hyderabad, my boyfriend Madhu Reddy Amitav presented me with Ghosh's The Glass Palace. The next day, when I awoke at 3am, the operation was many long hours away. It began with the arrests of the last King of Myanmar, Thebaw, and Queen supayalad, by the UK forces in Mandalay.

Before it dawned, my cardio specialist and head of the Care Hospital, Dr. B. Soma Raju, was there. Reading the following line from the author's remark: "Every living thing left an acoustic response for those who take the effort to overhear. Out of this disorder, I need to do something of value that will last beyond my lifetime, I thought.

This was the beginning of my date with Myanmar.

Oscar comes with an additional gold discount

The Myanmar movie industry's artistry was recognised by a gold statue of Keinayi (mythical bird) on a roll of films aimed at the filmstar. So it is only logical that it has become a vision for the industries to keep this award as their life's work.

More than thirty years after Myitta Ne Thuya (Love and Liquor), Myanmar's first still movie, was shown in 1920, the first prizes from the movie business were awarded in 1952. However, apart from the best movie, not everyone who won the Oscar was presented with a Keinayi gold medal at the first prize-giving ceremonies.

The second best film received a silvery statue of a peach and the third a bronzed figure of a Leo. The best artists were honoured with gold pin awards until they were enhanced to gold Keinayi statues in 1957. These gold statues were initially created in 1956 by the deceased U Myint Soe, a consultant of the Myanmar Motion Picture Organization (MMPO).

It was inspired by the Emmy Awards, an American distinction that has stood for outstanding achievements in the TV sector since 1949 and adapts its Keinayi statue designs to suit on-the-fly. Every Emmy statue that depicts a waved lady with an atom, a wing that represents the artistic museum and an arm the electrons of scientific research, is made of brass, gold, silver-gold.

The Keinayi Gold Award has been made for many years by Pe Aw U Tun Yin & Sons, the maker of plaques, broaches and keyrings, according to U Aye Kyu Lay, MMPO' s vice-chairman. One gold-plated bronce trophies, minus the gold asterisk, weigh about one diss (3.6 lb) and cost about 400,000 K according to U Zaw Min (Hanthar Myay).

"This is why we entrust Pe Aw U Tun Yin with the production of the gold trophies, because of its ingenious and clean processing. For his excellent performance, he himself has received several awards," says U Zaw Min (Hanthar Myay). From 1920 Pe Aw U Tun Yin started to cast bronzes.

Since the year the Oscars were first presented, he consented to cast the Keinayi statue in gold. It also poured the silvery statue of a peach and the bronzed figure of a bear which were given at that time. His first Keinayi gold statue was not as large and high as in later years.

The gold statue had a badge added when it was the only award. It undertook to make concrete changes to the statues. Because he was dependable and trustable, he was commissioned to make Academy statues for many years. "To make a gold statue, you must first pour brass.

This year there is a one-of-a-kind gold statue based on a roll of gold-films. It' s a well-known fact that this particular prize is awarded as the best movie award," U Kyaw Kyaw Ohn commented. Mr U Aye Kyu Lay said that the Forever Group, which is active in the radio sector, is this year' s Oscars sponsor and that each of the 13 Oscars will be crowned by a massive gold medal of five tables (2.89 ounces).

They' re going to pay K300 million for the Oscars.

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