Gold Movie Myanmar

Goldfilm Myanmar

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Dinosaurs Amber in conflict-ridden North is Myanmar's new gold mine

Myitkyina, Myanmar: "Amber Hunter" in search of a Jura Park lookout for dinosaurs - a profitable deal that captures paleontologists, but also fuel led a decades-long dispute in the far northern hemisphere. Myitkyina, the state of Kachin's capitol, has a matutinal auction where flares and magnifiers are used to examine chunks of honey-coloured, fossilized juice.

Commerce is taking place just a few tens of kilometers before the battles between Myanmar's military and the Kachin rebel tribes, who are struggling for independence, lands, identity as well as physical assets that will help them both. Most of the craft industry for artisan trafficking in precious stones is overshadowed by the jet and ruby industry, but the Harz can still generate large amounts of money for those who control the Mining.

On Myitkyina's butchery there is earning cash, says merchant Myo Swe. He specializes in "inclusions", juice that caught parts of flora, fauna and even invertebrates before it solidified into solid particles of succulent rock - story in the Harz Mountains. Locate the right shopper and he could take up to $100,000 a pop in a shadowy industrial environment where most Chinese ambers are trafficked across the Chinese frontier.

" Jewelry of noblemen from China to Greece, Bernstein experienced a rebirth of populism thanks to the successful film "Jurassic Park" in a topic parc, in which the dinosaur were clustered by extraction of dinosaur dyes from mosquitoes conserved in the sap. Most of the stones, however, do not originate from the Jura, but from the later Cretaceous period, up to 100 million years ago.

Present-day researchers and gatherers can find the best conserved "inclusions" in a three-dimensional fossa, in some organisms even freezing mid-movements. Occurrences of a mber exist all over the globe, but Kachin's paleontology is" irreplaceable", says 36-year-old Lida Xing from China University of Geosciences in Beijing. "Kachin's colliery is the only Kreidian area in the whole wide open countryside that is still in business mining," he says.

"There is no better place than Myanmar. "Lida Xing became famous among paleontologists in 2015 when he returned part of a feathery Myanmar pinnate dye cock to China that was about 99 million years old. The biggest challange for dealers and gatherers, besides amateurs, is working in a conflicting area.

"It was almost impossible to get to the mine area because it was very dangerous," says Lida Xing about his journey in 2015.

" Bernstein, Jerade, Holz and Gold are also the "main drivers" of the North Myanmar dispute, says Hanna Hindstrom of the Global Witness Group. In the absence of responsible procurement, any business dealing with Bernstein could "cause or contribute to a number of damages, such as conflicts and atrocities.

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