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Receive daily updates on popular Star Gold TV series, news, photos & videos! The Internet Gold is the source for the latest and best viral videos. Everywhere in Burma, temples, stupas and statues of gold appear in the lush green landscape. Thuwunna Indoor Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar: Gyee Tarmway (Kha) Ward,,, Tarmwe Township, Yangon Region, Myanmar.

Little fortune in the dust: Myanmar gold diggers on the riverbank

Myitkyina, Myanmar: In an excavated crevasse on the bank of the Irrawaddy Riviera, she slaves her back as she scratches rocks and bottom of the riverbank to a large screen looking for flickering gold. The Moe has been producing here for 30 years. Many of the gold diggers here, who quite literally scrape life off the ground, call somewhere else.

From young unmarried girls to young and elderly people, these are their own boss. They have no obligation to work. He/she learns the trade of moving deep, black earth to unveil heavy gold at the bottom of his/her casserole. Faces of men and woman working on the riverbank.

Only 50 meters away, not far from the Mali Kha riverbank, a group of quartets works collectively. Together with the slewing, they work the omnipresent boulders, which are then hoisted onto a platform lorry. Workmen can produce $23 per wagonload of cobbles.

However, his quest for gold is not risk-free. Concerns exist that further degradation could have a detrimental effect on the ecology of the rivers. It is used globally by multinational agents, while previous targets for the cooling hazards were set by regional groups in gold mines in Kachin.

But for more than ten years there has been no larger local reporting and several NGOs in Myitkyina acknowledge that there are now larger public policy priority areas. Quicksilver is often used to work the gold. Consciousness is also very restricted at the spring, but the colliers say that there is little selection anyway.

30 years ago she relocated to Kachin to get married to her husbands and then began to work. The Moe says work's getting harder over the years. It talks about a period when the stream was smaller and the gold she was looking for was hiding nearer to the top. But she gets back to work, claps and shovels in the shadows, little to remember, but still all her sutures.

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