Gokteik Viaduct

The Gokteik Viaduct

One of the highlights of the long, slow Mandalay-Lashio train ride is the mighty Gokteik viaduct. Over the Gokteik viaduct and mingle with the Shan in Hsipaw. Nawnghkio Gokteik Viaduct - 2018 All you need to know before you go (with photos)

The viaduct is about halfway between Pyin Oo Lwin and Hsipaw by rail, from Mandalay (train leaves at 4 am) you can reach the viaduct after Nawnghkio railway stop over the viaduct footbridge. Use the retreat, and once again crossing the viaduct, then the locomotive will stop for some pictures and drive on to Pyin Oo Lwin and finally Mandalay, it is a long trip with a slowly, jerky locomotive........

The Gokteik Viaduct

Completed in 1901, the Gokteik viaduct is the world's biggest railroad buck and the highest viaduct in Myanmar. When the land was initially named Burma, the steel company of Pennsylvania Steel Company planned and built the viaduct and shiped it overland. The viaduct extends from end to end over 2,260 ft (689 mtrs) and has 14 spanning 40 ft (12 mtrs) and a twin 80 ft (24 mtrs) long overhang.

The 15 turrets carry 10 decks tie bars of 120 ft (37 mtrs) together with six slab beams of 60 ft (18 mtrs) length and an approximate span of 40 ft (12 mtrs). There are many springs that have set the level of the viaduct at 820ft. From the railroad level to the floor on the lower side of the highest spire, the real elevation of the platform is 102 meters.

Though large precast and free-standing Gokteik structures were built before and after, no other traditional truss and beam structure has ever surpassed this level, except the Lethbridge viaduct in Alberta, Canada, which is about the same but more than twice as long.

Joso Brigde in Washington State, Poughkeepsie Brigde in New York State and the Kinzua Viaduct in Pennsylvania State are the only other conventional Steelbucks of the same height as Gokteik. At 97, Gokteik also had the highest pillars in the whole wide range of bridges at the moment of construction.

Five metres. Now the French viaduct Millau holds the latest one. In front of Millau's 245 metre long, record-breaking bridges, the story of these high-rise buildings lay almost exclusively in Europe outside two US stretches. In front of Millau, the 178-meter-long pillars of the Kocher Valley bridges kept the records for 25 years.

Prior to the Pit River in California, the highest pure pavement of pure gravel and stones was on the French Fades viaduct at 92nd place.

This is 3 metres together with the 99 metre high Sitter viaduct (depending on where the summit is measured). Before Fades and Sitter, Gokteik was 97 years old. Five metres. In front of Gokteik, the highest pillar of the girder was the main spire of the Kinzua viaduct, 87 metres high. Ahead of Kinzua, Switzerland's Grandfrey viaduct, built in 1862, set a new gold and silver medal with 79-stones.

five metres high. The Crumlin Viaduct was the highest with 64 m high pure metal pillars in 1857, while the Sitter Viaduct of 1856 had about 56 m high rock and ferrous pillars. In 1852, the viaduct of 1852 had 67 metre high walls and wooden pillars. In front of the town of Portão there were only a few real "piers" of great altitude, only stony aquaeducts such as the Pont Roquefavour in France and the Ponte Delle Torri in Spoleto, Italy with construction altitudes of 82 metres.

The Spanish Puente Nuevo or New Ronda Bridges also have a construction depth in the area of 100 metres, although the brickwork surrounding the sides of the ravine rock is more like a huge base than a real independent jetty or waterfront. The Gokteik-Brücke ( "Gokteik Bridge") can be accessed by rail from Mandalay or Pyin U Lwin to the northeast in the direction of Nawnghkio, where the viaduct is about 5 km further south.

From Mandalay to the viaduct a round-trip fare is about $8 for a foreigner. Myanmar troops are deployed both on the platoon and on and under the viaduct to avoid possible attack. Below the Gokteik viaduct is a small scaffolding with which presumably material was used for the construction of the solid scaffolding.

Gothenik Viaduct Card. Gothenik Viaduct satim. Weakly visible in the centre of the picture. The Gokteik Viaduct site plan.

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