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Locking out, booking in advance, haggling, getting around, speaking the local language - a few things to know before visiting Myanmar. "That's why I'm going to Myanmar. Sites we' re going to: In Myanmar there are usually two seasons: Monson (rainy season) from May to the end of September. The MV Tapana goes to Myanmar!

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On the way to Myanmar - Please help me! We' dined in inns and got rooms for the nights. You can also take a flight/bus/boat from our Pension. More" upscale" travellers, with whom we talked, told us that they had to make reservations a few month in advance and that their hotel was always full. We were very much amazed that the natives spoke English very well.

We' ve been informed that this is because they study Myanmar in Burma at primary level, but all other courses such as mathematics, biological sciences, etc. are in English. It was easy for us to talk to peasants, educators, monks, homemakers, etc.

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Although I have not gone to Myanmar yet, I wanted to share my travel plans with you and I also seek counsel from those who have gone before me. My residency card had to be renewed to fulfill the 6-month validation requirements. To a Same-Day Pass at 1/27, I went and charged $170 for the extension and $153 for a week-long onslaught.

At this point I went on a search to find a place that would take a picture for 35mm x 45mm. When I was disappointed, I phoned a place in Washington D.C. in a hurry, and they reassured me that I could mail them the 2x2's, so I sent them directly to the Myanmar embassy and she got there on July 2.

I' ve reserved the Clover Hotel directly, Kandagwyi Palace through a resident agents (paid in advance) and Amazon Bagan directly. I have been told that I am a traveller. Amazon Bagan arranges trips for me and they were $25 less costly than what the agency quotes me. I' m buying $184 (RT) for Yangon to Bagan. I' ve also reserved "Balloons Over Bagan" and suggest to do this in anticipation as they only had a few seats.

I' ll only be 10 overnight stays in Myanmar, so I decided to spend 2 Yangon overnight stays, 6 Bagan overnight stays and 2 more in Yangon. But I can go back and I thought it would be more pleasant to dive in a little and walk slowly.

1 ) Proposed budgets in addition to air travel and hotels - How much money do I need? 2) Is there anything to do near Bagan when I am "thrown out"? 3 ) Experienced with international air travel - luggage?

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