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Locking out, booking in advance, haggling, getting around, speaking the local language - a few things to know before visiting Myanmar. "That's why I'm going to Myanmar. Sites we' re going to: In Myanmar there are usually two seasons: Monson (rainy season) from May to the end of September. The MV Tapana goes to Myanmar!

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On the way to Myanmar - Please help me! We' dined in inns and got rooms for the nights. You can also take a flight/bus/boat from our Pension. More" upscale" travellers, with whom we talked, told us that they had to make reservations a few month in advance and that their hotel was always full. We were very much amazed that the natives spoke English very well.

We' ve been informed that this is because they study Myanmar in Burma at primary level, but all other courses such as mathematics, biological sciences, etc. are in English. It was easy for us to talk to peasants, educators, monks, homemakers, etc.

Nine things I'd like to know before I go to Myanmar

This article explains our argumentation about ethic travel: Burma is far less researched than most other southeast Asian nations, but take a look at these hints from our inside man Taylor to prepare for the new. Burma has only recently opened its frontiers to international travellers and has not been able to catch up with the flow of tourists pouring into the state.

Burma has buses to the main touristic areas of the state. Beware that the trips will be rough - Myanmar is known for its poor avenues. It is astonishing how much English is used in a land that had little to do with the West. The natives are keen to practise their English during a cab trip or talk to you while you are exploring a nearby fair.

In many parts of Asia bargaining takes place every day. It is not nearly as usual in Myanmar, as the rates indicated by the natives are often a reasonable one. So, you don't think a native is robbing you unless you go deeper. With Myanmar as a tourist destination, it's okay to haggle, but not as much as in other parts of Asia.

In order to get to some of the best places in Myanmar, you need to spend a little more money on construction site tolls. Both Bagan and Inle Lake need tickets bought at small stalls - these may look a bit doubtful but are managed by the state. Don't wait till it' s too long to celebrate in Myanmar.

You' re not going to wear your trousers in Myanmar. It is not customary to find other people' s food in Myanmar, but fortunately Burma is a delight. I suggest that if you are not a lover of curries or oily foods, you pick up your favourite snack before you enter the Philippines, as it can be offered at a high cost in Myanmar.

Ethnical and worship conflict continues in Myanmar, making travelling in different areas of the country hazardous. Shared areas marked as "non-travel" by many nations are: parts of Rakhine State, Kachin State and the borders with China, Laos, Thailand, India and Bangladesh. You can find the latest information on the Myanmar authorities' website.

It is important to know what your holiday plan is covering you for before you end up in a particular area that has a federal alert. You may be able to take out coverage for some of your insurances if you are travelling to areas that have a trip alert, while other insurances do not include any costs arising from this area.

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