Going to Myanmar

On the way to Myanmar

and we' re not doing anything to stop it. Skip to WHAT IS NOW IN MYANMAR? Before you go to Myanmar. She'?s too small for her age.

Like thousands of refugee children from Myanmar, she suffers from malnutrition.

About Myanmar (again)

I went to Myanmar in autumn 2013. Just a few nights earlier I had found out that Dustin Main, the vocalist behind the A Skinny Escape blogs, would be there at the same one. It would be one of over 15 journeys Dustin would finally make to Myanmar, culminating in a five-year Myanmar photographic documentation program.

I was fascinated by all of them to spend idle afternoons in tea houses, eat tasty meals on the streets, practice portraits, chat with nice people and learn something about Myanmar's people. "That is Burma and it is unlike any other country you know. Myanmar is a country influenced by the neighbouring behemoths of India and China.

Travelling around the countryside will introduce the traveller to these different nationalities. Myanmar is part of South East Asia, despite its historical influence from the north and west. Myanmar is one of a kind. Now why go to Myanmar? Burma only began to open up to immigrants in the last ten years, when it became politically stable and visas were relaxed.

With the even simpler entry visas, it is now even simpler to visit the Golden Land. What about the Rohingya? Nobody enjoys travelling to places where the government does horrible things to blameless souls. Myanmar and the Rohingya crises are no different. In addition to the first issue of whether it is secure, should we also ask ourselves whether it is ethical to go to this place?

Cruelty to the Rohingya lies in an isolation area in the western part of the island near the Bangladesh/Great Britain frontier. Thus, the remainder of the land is still secure to be travelled. Second, should we refrain from travelling to Myanmar on moral grounds? Some of the Rohingya people are being prosecuted for their ethnicality and religions.

Avoid Myanmar now would do more damage. The bulk of the funds I will be spending in Myanmar will go to private companies and private persons, not to the state. Practising good citizenship will be a benefit for us and the communities we meet in Myanmar. Myanmar with Dustin?

This is Dustin traveling through Myanmar in search of story. This was great for his photodocumentary film projects, but it also translated into the superb small group tours he is now conducting. He' been all over Myanmar for the last five years. He and his leaders also have a lot of insights into this intriguing world.

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