Going to Burma from Thailand

Travelling from Thailand to Burma

However, you can enter Myanmar via Mae Sot/Myawaddy and continue to Yangon. The Mae Sot is the most comfortable land route between Myanmar and Thailand. Would you like to explore the classic highlights? The Mae Sai is the northernmost district (Amphoe) of the province Chiang Rai in the north of Thailand. Mae Sai is an important border crossing point between Thailand and Myanmar.

Getting there by coach from Thailand to Myanmar - Myanmar Forum

Hello, I'm going to Bangkok for 2 week at the end of September. I' d like to go to the north of Thailand (Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai) and also to Yangon and Bagan (maybe another town in Myanmar, if you think it's profitable).

I' d also like you to tell me how long you think I should remain in each town. When you plan to come from Tachileik to Myanmar, note that you can only take the highway to Keng Tung, after which you are required to take a flight, as the streets are not regarded by the authorities as sufficiently secure to allow the use of them.

However, you can travel to Myanmar via Myanmar and land to Yangon: By 2 week you don't have much time...could that in any land easy spend...thailand-myanmar (Yangon) by coach, there are 2 ways of Bangkok, Bangkok- Kanchanaburi town -dawei- or Bangkok- phitsanulok- mu e edge - myawady-hpaan-yangon. over there was a straightforward coach from banok, but I don't know the present state.

Coming from Chiang Mai - Mara Spot is the fastest way to Yangon...5-6 hour coach ride to C/mai-M/sot. more here: thirdworldnomad.com/travel/.... good travelogue, via Mara Spot, and photos. bangkok - jangon by coach lasts about 24 hrs, so better make several stopovers, dawei, dawlamyaing, hipan, golden skirt, bagso. the information on myawaddy - hipan is out of date and false, for example myawaddy - hipan, 12 hrs, actually only 4h.

I' ll take the Bangkok -Yangoon to Mymar. The name of the entrance point. There is no rail from Bangkok to Yangon, you have to take a coach.

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