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The town of Gosport is located in Hampshire on the south coast of England. Extreme and alternative sports live and on-demand. Explore sports like never before! city councilman, town hall, main street, Gosport. Learn more about the GO Sport chain: a sports multi-specialist working with the best international brands.

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The Gosport ("GOS-port") is a Hampshire based village on the southern English coastline. It is connected to a penninsula on the west side of the harbour of Portsmouth, opposite the Portsmouth municipality, by the Gosport ferry. Up until the last part of the twentieth-century, Gosport was an important marine community connected to Her Majesty's (HMNB) Portsmouth Navy Base's (HMNB) defense and utility base fortifications.

Two fortresses, Fort James and Fort Charles, and a string of strongholds and twin trenches surrounding the city, known as Gosport Lines. Until 1860, the Gosport Lines had 58 canons. In 1859, the Royal Commission on the Definitions of the United Kingdom suggested the construction of a number of fortresses to preserve external access to the city of Gosport, eliminating the need for the former fortifications.

They have been maintained, however, to prevent the city from expanding towards the new fortification line. Gosport, it is still home to the HMS Sultan and a Navy Armament Supply Facility and a Helicopter Repair Facility, but Gosport's marine heritage goes back a long way and there are several historical interesting structures and many lives and celebrities here.

The majority of the former navy and army facilities have been shut down since the Second World War, and left empty spaces and outbuildings. Many of their forts and facilities (such as Fort Brockhurst, Priddy's Hard (formerly an armory depot, now the Museum of Navy Firepower! and the Royal Navy Submarine Museum on Haslar Road) have been opened to the general population as tourist and historical places.

A number of locations were also renovated to create residential space, among them the New Barracks (opened in 1859, re-named St. George Barracks in 1947, which was used as HMS St. George during the 1947 conflict, shut down in 1991),[7] the Royal Clarence Victualing Yard (opened in 1828 on the site of a former utility, shut down in 1992) and the Royal Hazlar Hospitals (formerly the last British Army Hospital):

was opened in 1753 as Royal Naval Hospice, later serving other members of the Gosport Army and later the larger Gosport fellowship; in March 2007 it became a militarily operated clinic, in 2009 the NHS retired and the clinic was closed). The port area has also been extensively converted into a yacht dock.

Two Ottoman Navy vessels, Mirat-? Zafer and Sirag-i Bahri Birik, moored off the Hardway near Gosport in November 1850. Since then, the people of Portsmouth have called Gosport "Turkstadt". Newtown is the municipality's urban area, which includes the downtown area, Stoke Road mall, Walpole Park, Royal Clarence Yard and three contemporary marinas:

Gosport Marina and Haslar Marina. To the south of the center is Haslar Creek, which opens into Portsmouth Harbor near the dock. The HMS Sultan Navy bases are located to the south. The Rowner region lies just north of HMS Sultan and Alver Village is part of it. The Gosport is the UK's biggest city without a functioning train depot.

Gosport Iron Road offers fast connections to Portsmouth Harbour train terminal, the last stop on the Portsmouth Direct Line to London. Because of the strong transport (see below) this boat is very busy. The Gosport ferry company once ran steamship boats until 1966, when two similar (and then very modern) ferryboats called Gosport Queen and Portsmouth Queen arrived.

A third boat, the Solent Enterprises, was added in 1971. First one was constructed in 2001 and is known as the Spirit of Gosport. Following the departure of Solent in 2003, a second large and state-of-the-art vessel was added to the company's existing charter and renamed Spirit of Portsmouth.

The Gosport railroad was opened off Portsmouth but shut down for travel. A railroad opened in 1841 between the London and Southampton Railways in Eastleigh via Fareham to Gosport, where an Italian-style terminal was constructed by Sir William Tite. The Gosport train was supposed to be serving Portsmouth by sea, but it was outside the port in Gosport because the rail operator was not permitted to break through the Hilsea lines or the defence facilities at the north end of Portsea Island that protect Portsmouth, or the Gosport Lines that protect warehouses such as Royal Clarence Yard.

In 1846 an expansion to the Royal Clarence Yard was opened and branches to Stokes Bay (opened from 1863 to 1915) and Lee-on-the-Solent (open to air travelers from 1894 to 1931). Because of the decline in transport, the link to Fareham was blocked for the transport of people in 1953 and for goods in 1969, although the train to the armaments storage facility in Frater ran until the end of the 70s.

Gosport, a peninsular city without a rail network, is very dependent on the A32 motorway. It was connected to the South Hampshire Rapids Transit schema, which would have used the former rail line. 15 ] In the course of 2010, work began on the same line to allow a fast coach connection between the Holbrook area of Gosport and the city of Fareham.

The newly finished public transport services between Gosport and Fareham are now running on the new line to avoid long lines on the A32 and reduce shuttle times between cities for coaches. In 2000, as part of the Renaissance of Portsmouth Harbor Millennium a large solar clock, the so-called Millennium Timespace, was erected on the dockside.

17 ] The International Festival of the Sea attracted over 250,000 visitors to the Port of Portsmouth in 1998, 2001 and 2005. In Gosport an der HMS Sultan, der Heimat der Heimat der Defence School of Marine Engineering (DSMarE) und der Royal Naval Air Engineering and Survival School (RNAESS), vertreten.

Sultan' s premises cover 72 ha of 5.6 km of coastline and are the Royal Navy's biggest educational facility, with some 3,000 staff on duty and civil workload. Gosport has many sport associations and organizations such as boxesing, judgeo, fishing, soccer, knicket, hockey etc.

Borough F.C.[20] plays their home matches in Privett Park and serves both sexes from the ages of six. It plays in the South Football Conference and represents the city at the FA Cup and FA Trophy in the nation. The RMLI Gosport F.C. was a former side that represented the city at the FA Amateur Cup 1910.

Gosport is a 17-mile (27km) water front on the ports of Portsmouth and Solent and is a nautical play area for all. Stokes Bay's pebbly shore drops sharply into the ocean and provides a beautiful view of the boat traffic to and from Portsmouth and Southampton and the many amusement boats from the many boats along the Solent and the Isle of Wight.

It also has a powerful army heritage - especially with the Royal Navy. Among others, the Royal Navy Submarine Museums shows Holland 1 - the first Royal Navy U-boat and the HMS Alliance U-boat from the Second World War. Located in historical Priddy's Hard, the former navy arsenal, this contemporary exhibition is interactively displayed in historical premises overlooking the port of Portsmouth.

One of Palmerston's Follies constructed in the 1850s, Fort Brockhurst defended the harbour of Portsmouth against the threat of a France-infasion. There is a major exhibit explaining Palmerston's plan to protect the important marina. The Gosport Aviation Heritage Museum, devoted to the Royal Air Force's evolution, is located in the vicinity.

The 1642 is also home to Little Woodham, also known as The 1642 Lives History village. Wiki voyage has a guidebook for Gosport. The Wikimedia Commons has got Gosport medium. "The Gosport Airfield." "The Gosport Local Studies Centre." "The Gosport Discovery Naval Collection".

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