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We' re looking forward to welcoming you in Yangon. To Myanmar Tours is located in Yangon (Rangoon). Newest tweets from Go-Myanmar.com (@Go_Myanmar). The Pokemon Go is an experiment in Myanmar.

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House call in Yangon with let's go Myanmar

We' re looking forward to welcoming you in Yangon. You' ll soon see that this South East Asiatic town is like no other in the whole wide globe. Yangon, with over 5 million inhabitants, is alive and full of thrill. Once under the British Empire, you will see all over the town' s historic buildings of Victoria style.

The Yangon is full of luxuriant verdant gardens, huge ponds and enchanting scenery and was sure you made the right decision for your holiday resort. There' is a great deal to do and see in Yangon and we assure you that your stay will be well used. We' ve emphasized some of the most important places in Yangon, but this town has much more to it.

During your stroll through the town of Yangon you may have noticed a very high gold pit. Shwedagon, the most popular swingagon in Myanmar. Constructed in the sixth millennium BC, Shwedagon is said to have eight strings of Buddha's skull. It is safe to move your mind and your mind with tens of thousand of Buddha pictures and tens of hundred of monks marvelling around the sanctuary.

It also offers an outstanding panoramic tour of the town and its area. Shwedagon' also has a great deal of story within its borders. The Sule Pagode is situated in the centre of Yangon, in a roundabout. In fact, the Sule pitot is regarded as the centre of Yangon. During the planning of the Yangon raster road system, the UK authorities used the Sule Pagode as a point of interest for the town.

Sule' s symbol is the 48-meter long marina. Sule Pagode is named after Sule Nat, the protective ghost of Singuttara Hill. Thaton gave them approval to construct a sanctuary at the base of Singuttara Hill to receive a head of Buddha they had imported from India.

It was known for hundreds of years by Kyaik Athok, which in the Mon tongue means "the page containing the feather relic", or Sura Zedi, according to the secretary who monitored the building, Maha Sura. Yangon's National Museum houses a large artefact museum from all over the state. Exhibitions include Myanmar painting, old ornamentation and jewellery, as well as ethnical racial cultures and various arts and crafts.

Travelling will give you the necessary insight into the Myanmar civilization.

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