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Myanmar; Visa must be applied for before entering Myanmar. Burma Visa Information, Myanmar Visa on arrival, Myanmar Evisa | Go Myanmar Visa. So if you can spend some time in Bangkok before going to Myanmar, I suggest you do so. For most foreigners planning a holiday in Myanmar, they must apply for a visa to enter the country.

First, however, there is a guide to applying for a Myanmar visa in Singapore.

Burma Visas, Tourist Visas

For Myanmar all foreigners need a valid entry permit. Today it is quite simple and comfortable to get a passport for you. If you are a national of France, you can obtain a Myanmar Evias or Myanmar Visas upon your arrivals for tourism or work. Compared to the Myanmar embassy or consulate visas, which require a return trip to the embassy of Myanmar, the process of obtaining a Myanmar evacisa or Myanmar embassy visas is much simpler, cheaper and less time-consuming:

Apply on-line for evisa: 100 per cent on-line, embassy application: Genuine identity card necessary. Myanmar Visum is for all Myanmar nationals in France who need a Myanmar visum.

Join us in Myanmar and have fun! - Before filing with Myanmar Immigration, verification and corrections of the request by Myanmar immigration authorities.

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