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In Thailand it is possible to drive from India to Myanmar by car. Myanmar Travel | More ideas about Myanmar travel, Burma Myanmar and culture.

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Headquartered in Yangon, we are a highly experienced Myanmar (Burma) tourist and tourist enterprise dedicated to providing the most thrilling trips and the highest standard of services to this tropical and rapidly evolving state. Established by a UK business owner and a locally recruited business man with over 20 years of Myanmar tourist expertise, we provide an in-depth understanding of the Myanmar countryside with our nationwide network, charming and expert leaders and a 30-person native staff with years of customer relations around the globe.

We have all employees (except our founder) from Myanmar. We also have native Myanmar leaders, and wherever possible we use native ethnical groups who contribute to the community economies in isolated areas to provide a more enlightening and pleasurable experi ince for our people. We follow the most stringent regulations on conservation and conservation in the various nature reserves we are visiting and inform our guests about the themes, the wildlife and the ecosystems.

Climate neutrality is our approach to providing itineraries that offset the effects of air, road and coach use. All in all, we work with guidebooks, vendors and accommodation service companies to help reduce the overall footprint of tourism in areas such as rubbish and cleanup. Burma is a country of great variety with over 180 tongues of language proficiency, and our use of lifelong learning of a variety of places by our community leaders means that they are conscious of the subtle shades of indigenous culture; this puts an emphasis on the preservation of these culture and provides a more interesting and instructive experi ┬Čence for people.

With regard to the Myanmar natural inheritance, old Myanmar buildings are sometimes insensitive to restoration, which has prevented UNESCO from granting Bagan World Heritage status. One of the reasons our guide is chosen is their appreciation of the need to maintain these pages and their capacity to pass this information on to other people.

To revive the economy, we use the use of community lodging wherever possible and encourages people to shop in legitimately priced community stores that sell goods manufactured in the area.

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