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Go- Myanmar Tours dot com is a website operated by the professional local tour operator Viet Vision Travel. Yangon (Rangoon): Take a leisurely walk in the forest. Yangon, Go Myanmar Travel & Tours. "Find out what time of year Myanmar has the best weather.

Mrs. Hedi,

You better be all right. We' ve all.....

We' ve all made it to London and Sri Lanka in safety. It was very skeptical that the friar would join the group because we thought that we could not really appreciate the journey because of the particular demands on the group. However, the guide was really great and took care of all of us and made everyone feel comfortable.

All the cars provided for our group are excellent and very comfy. Particularly if two groups from London and Sri Lanka arrive with different arrivals and if you get bogged down in Sri Lanka due to an elapsed pass and travel to Bagan three inches later?

We' re still young and we' re going to be travelling more, but for my mother and Dilini's mother this journey was something really different, because they can't go because of their years. So, thank you for making it so extra for all of us.

The four of our leaders were excellent. JO JO and UI our Rangoon and Mandalay tour leaders were especially noticeably alert and I have never seen two individuals who were exceptionally good at their job..... they were first class! I should say how great you were able to switch our hotel when we didn't like it in Mandalay.

Can' t thank you enough for taking us to the magical Mandalay as soon as we asked for a better one. We are grateful to you for exceeding our expectation. Thought that this journey would become a pilligrant, since the vast majority of our group was over 50 years old, who wanted to visit the temple, but the kid I was not.

Due to the mix of places you have been planning in our route and the luxurious hotel you have reserved for us, it was a journey you should be remembers. Afterwards we went to Rangon, Bagan, Mandalay and lnle Lakes. However, my main goals were Bagan and Ile Sea. I fell in Love with Bagan.

It' so nice and the marionettes were fantastic. I' m planing to see Bagan and Inle See soon with my man and my co-usin..... I am hoping that I can use your competent services again..... The Bagan has its own melody for the town. They had their own wonderful histories and shattered coupons stood up proud, everywhere you looked around, and had their own wealth of ahistory.

It was something I totally adored. lnle sea.... the words can't describe its beautifulness. We were staying in a very nice place. Well, I trust I can come back to your lovely land. Are you touring Vietnam and Cambodia?

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