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"Let's Go Myanmar Travels & Tours, Yangon (Rangoon): Answers to questions about Let's Go Myanmar Travels & Tours: A little preparation can make your Myanmar tour much smoother and more enjoyable. ABOUT WHEN TO GO & WEATHER. Highlights of group travel for private, tailor-made and special interests, as well as extensive flight and bus ticketing, MICE and business travel. From the Himalayas to the white sandy beach, modern Myanmar is new, untouched, unknown and unexplored.

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We have''tour guide'' and''tour guide''. We' ve been spending years trying to find and develop the best tourist guidance teams in Myanmar. We have a competent, open and kind staff, but they have a lot of personalities. Adapting quickly to our customers' reactions, we are ready to tell about the stories, cultures, tips and things that are close to our hearts by evolving our personalities to provide the best experience for our dear people.

It is our aim to be a nice housekeeper and to lure you back!

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From puppet shows and theater to the politics of acrylics on linen, Myanmar's painters have found wonderful ways to communicate. For a long time suppressed by the army government, there has been an awakening in art and civilization through which this intriguing journey will lead you.

In order to receive the price for this trip with luxurious accomodation or base accomodation, please fill in a request in the box "Further questions" when you send the reservation request below (link). Estimates may change based on petrol costs, local fares, US$ currency conversion and the Christmas bonus.

1 ] per capita in high seasons (October to April). Bigger groups are paying less per capita, individuals are paying a higher rate.

Overland to Myanmar Tour

We' ve got in-depth understanding of all the city' s major attractions and secret Myanmar' s jewels, and our consultants are here to organize your journey! Burma is a fast-paced place that is offering more and more to the visitor every year - we know the land inside out and our primary goal is to offer thrilling and character-filled trips that cross borders.

Be it a day in Bagan, a boat ride through the pristine Myeik Archipelago or a tour into the mountain wilderness of Chin State - we make sure that the adventure gains more and more deepness and pleasure by exploring the area. Tailor-made itineraries for a broad variety of trips, from price-conscious choices to the last words in deluxe, and from private to large groups.

Myanmar's vast network: We have expertise in the management of logistical demanding travel, which includes the most exciting motorcycle and auto journeys to and from Myanmar in India, China and Thailand. We combine Myanmar's expertise and expertise with a global view to creating a product - and expertise - that offers the best of both worlds. Our teams are committed to providing the best in both of them.

Committed to good corporate citizenship: We concentrate on offering possibilities to train community leaders and leaders in the workplace; we make regular donations to colleges and disaster recovery fund; and our goal is to develop vibrant and ethically sound trips that have a beneficial effect on the area. Compete Competitively Priced: We compare our rates on a regular basis to make sure we can provide the best possible trips at the best possible rates.

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