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Extensive, up-to-date travel information, tours and bookings to Myanmar (Burma). Cross the mountains that separate Thailand and Myanmar before driving to tropical cities and pagoda-rich plains. to Myanmar via land tour. Find out what time of year Myanmar has the best weather. Let's Go Myanmar Travels & Tours, Yangon (Rangoon):

Myanmar 15 days trip

If you want to begin the morning a little bit early, there is the possibility to see the legendary U Bein Tree Brigde at night. Constructed in 1782, when Amarapura was the imperial capitol, it is an imposing technical building called "the longest telecommunications pedestrian crossing in the world" and is still used today by the inhabitants of Amarapura and its neighbouring countrys.

The dawn is the ideal moment to see the scenic viaduct and observe the local people in their day-to-day businesses from one of the teahouses near by. You will be picked up by your tour leader on your way to Mandalay airport in good timing for your Nyaung U flights. On your return you will be taken to your Bagan hotels.

Bagan, sometimes also called'Pagan', is one of the most important antique places of worship in Southeast Asia, surpassed only by Angkor Wat. Myanmar's 900th capitol, Bagan, is dominated by the thousand towers and shrines that fill its verdant valleys, many of them centuries old. Bagan Tempel is the primary cause why visitors come to this historical town, but whenever they are in jeopardy of being in the temple, there are many interesting towns to explore in the area, an exquisite and convivial dining road in Nyaung U, and a vibrant local art nouveau of markets and teas.

You can also cycle around the temple or village to hear the changes, with the use of e-bicycles for those with less endurance. Featuring virtually a thousand different locations to chose from, it's no simple matter to select the templates and palaces you want to make a beeline for. At your leisure, drive to a painthop where you can find out about this ancient regional tradition before taking a siesta.

Later in the evening you can see the iconical temple of Ananda with its 1424 Buddhas in the wall and the Shwezigion Pagoda with its gold stupa. Soak up the sunsets at the temple or go back to your hotels for a swim in the swimming pools and a well-deserved sun downer. Throughout your trip through the Bagan Temple we will make sure that your stay is always customized and individual.

After meeting with your tour leader, you can talk in detail about what you want to accomplish from your period in the area. Some want to visit as many monasteries as possible during their visit, while others like to journey more slowly and in a more relaxing way. Many of them are the smaller coupons hidden in the corners of a paddy fields, for others it is driving through the landscape, on little used traces of dirt or getting out of the climate control system for an hours in favor of a horse-drawn carriage between the shrines and coupons.

Sunrises and sunsets are often regarded as the most spectacular times of the year in Bagan and your tour leader will be happy to suggest a vantage point. However, it is important to remember that the Ministry of Culture has limited the number of stupa that can be climbed on five particular Pagoda to avoid unnecessary damages to these old constructions.

In order to fight this, we can spend more diversified evenings with visiting towns such as Myinkaba to watch the painting processes, or in downtown Bagan, or just make more relaxing around the pools. Each of our coaches is a fully qualified and licenced Bagan specialist to work in the temple.

Together with their extraordinary understanding of the Bagan area, the various monasteries and civilizations they have constructed, your tour leader will know how best to stay away from the busy hours of the morning, not to speak of where to experience the best sunrise and sunset. Accommodation in Bagan. The best way to see the antique Bagan temple is from the baskets of a warm aeroplane that floats calmly over the plain as the rising daylight and the fog disappears.

On your way back, a glas of champagne will await you to round off the adventure. SA's Lionel says this is "an unmissable landmark of any Myanmar trip". A truly folkloric way to discover the temple is by horse-drawn carriage. Stop at the temple and cycle to some of Bagan's remote towns.

While cycling, you' ll be able to admire the view of paddy fields and remote peaks of churches before you stop in the village to get an idea of old-fashioned farming, to find out more about the small metallurgical industry that is so widespread in the area, and of course to get together with the inquisitive natives. Is there a better way to see the sun rise over the old Bagan sanctuaries than by floating several hundred metres up and gradually moving from one amazing one?

Between 0445-0515 hours you will be picked up from your accommodation and brought to the starting point by your orienental balancing tourer. At wind speeds of no more than 15mp h, you usually spend 45 min flying and taking in the amazing Bagan view from a completely unparalleled vantage point before landing (place unfamiliar, that's a balloon!).

Your experienced pilots will be on site during your trip to talk about the Temple you fly past, and you will also be able to see a stunning view of the Ayeyarwaddy River in its best sun. When you return to the country you will be pampered with a glas of champagne before you return to your hotels in good season for your breakfasts.

Accommodation in Bagan. Early birds can experience the magic dawn over the temple-lined plain of Bagan before they return to their hotels for breakfasts. We will leave Bagan for about an hours after the morning ride, past countryside and countryside before we arrive in Chauk. Well-known for its extraction of crude oils and gases, the city has evolved from a small hamlet to a flourishing local center, and you will see "nodding donkeys" and a series of tunnels during your stop.

Drive towards the antique city Salin and stop on the way in the Tanyaung hamlet, known for its fine smithy. This area is littered with many cougars, and a vast sea near the city center is shrouded in giant lotuses. Spend your free day exploring U Ottama Monastery, where during World War II friars formed novice members as members of the British resist.

This cloister has concealed passages used by the friars during his days as U Ottama Fort. A small, movable British cemetery is located in a peaceful area on the outskirts of the city, where troops from the 1880s rested. Arrival in Bagan in the evening.

While today is a relatively long one, it is definitely a good idea to go to places far removed from major tourist attractions. Accommodation in Bagan.

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