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" Mostly well, but disappointed." Their comprehensive guide through this rapidly changing country. Let's Go Myanmar Travel & Tours: Walk just before Myanmar loses its unique quality of rural life and succumbs to the great machinery and development of Western style. I haven't found much criticism about this travel agency.

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The prizes are high and cost a great deal of money. I would like to book my seat in 2 buses from France before my journey to Myanmar. The first is from Inlé Lake to Bagan and the second is on the Bagan to Mandalay line. They' re giving you the schedule online, but you have to ask them to give you the tariffs.

First, they sent me the offer for the V. I.P. Coach. And then I was written that there were no V. I.P. Coach, there were regular coaches. At first they charged me the same fare and when I said that this was not a V ip shuttle, they quoted me 5US$ less. You texted me that there are $10 administrative charges plus 4.5% for Visa cards.

As a result I sent a letter to go-myanmar asking for a $20 reimbursement. Enjoy your journey in Myanmar.

Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar - Awesome Burma Tour with Go Myanmar Tours - Review of Go Myanmar Tours, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Can' t thank Mrs Jeanny from Go Myanmar Tours enough. She' s done a great work to help us organize a fantastic journey for our group of 15 in Burma. Thanks again to Jeanny for your help and I will stay in contact for the next South East Asia missions.

Mr/Ms Anne1295, kind regards from Go Myanmar Tours! Thanks for your good response to Trip Ad Visor. Mrs. Jeanny is our proud. Myanmar Tours loves you all! We used Go Myanmar to get our coach and rail passes. Mr/Mrs Ashley Q, best regards from Go Myanmar Tours!

Thank you for taking the opportunity to give us some good reviews about your work. You were very good at answering our proposals and queries quickly as the route took form, but after we had arranged everything and made a down payment, you were less good at staying in contact.

In each place we were welcomed by our leader and a very nice chauffeur and a very nice vehicle. Mr/Mrs RoHiE, kind regards from Go Myanmar Tours! There is no way we can conceal the happiness of having received your compliment. Thank you again for purchasing Go Myanmar Tours. She has elaborated the particulars of my journey to Yangon, Bago, Bagan.

Especially Bagan was a great adventure to fly over the thousand balloons in a warm-baloon. To maintain the exceptional archeological value of antique monuments, I believe that in Bagan, some of the most beloved pilgrimage routes must be limited by all these busses, horse-drawn carriages, motorbikes and so on.

Myanmar's native leaders were very proficient and well-informed. Mr/Ms Kimbi20, Best regards from Go Myanmar Tours! Many thanks for your feedback on Tripadvisor with Go Myanmar Tours. During the New Year's Eve week-end Sunny Regards, my hubby and I chose to come to Myanmar from Singapore.

and I tripped over this travel agent and sent them a note. Our journey to Bagan went very well and without errors. Bagan's leader, Mr. Sai Wunna, was incredible! It learnt quickly what we valued and led us through the beauties of Old Bagan. Just a beautiful outing in Bagan.

At the last moment (2 nights before departure) I asked Mrs. Hedy to organize a full excursion to Bago. Once again she did a fantastic work and took painstaking steps to make sure our journey was trouble-free and entertaining. Bago's tourist guides were also competent and willing to help. Both riders were good and careful and made sure that we were sure.

Get Mr. Sai to lead you to Bagan. By plane KBZ to Bagan and back - good customer care and on-time departures. However, we had no option with these carriers as we reserved our trip rather later. My dear Lakshmy B, greetings from Go Myanmar Tours! It' not nice to know that you have been enjoying your Moon New Year holidays with our Hedy & Tourservice.

Sunshine, Have you travelled in Myanmar? Request your entry for free to reply to ratings, refresh your account and much more.

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