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Myanmar (Burma), emerging from a fragmented past into a new epoch of hopes and hopes, is an epochal country in which a thousand different emotions, sceneries, temples in one. There is more to see, savour, explore and live even after living in Myanmar. Travel back in history to explore tranquil couples, holy places, old cities and Myanmar's cloisters.

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Myanmar's business world

INCLUDING IN AN open-plan studio in an inconspicuous house in the centre of Yangon, ladies are sorting heaps of bay binders. There are three men trying with little luck to repair a copy machine; others are organizing stacks of Myanmar's denominated money from Kya. The Myanma Economic Holdings Limited (MEHL), a military-led agglomerate, has many blue-collar employees who do very little.

However, the military, which reigned from 1962 to March this year when Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy took up its post, remains very interested in his work. She has control over three mighty ministers and a fourth of the parliamentary seat, which means that she can fail Miss Suu Kyi's proposed reform of the economy if she so desires.

Myanmar's economic situation is in need of reforms. Prior to the military's takeover, Myanmar was one of the world's foremost travel exporting nations and one of the richest in Asia; today it is one of the very poor. Although it pointed in the right directions - towards greater liberalization and away from the centrally managed economies - it was alarmingly lacking in detail.

That which was described as "economic policy" was more an effort: more effective fiscal and fiscal policy; better technology and training; more open budgets; less bureaucracy and so on. When will the administration start? It continues to chair its own governing body, while it holds three posts in the new administration.

Concerns also exist about how the military will respond when the regime is prepared to act. Total opposition is unlikely: part of the process of democracy began because the military realized that it was desperately ill-equipped to supervise a free enterprise. MEHL, for example, makes Myanmar Beer, the most beloved cigarette and Red Ruby, one of the most beloved.

But also the military and its pals have become wealthy from precious stone and jetmine - and huge areas of territory that have been confiscated by many. According to the new administration, it will neither renew nor provide new licenses until the legislation regulating the industry is strengthened (it seems to tighten environment and security regulations as its predecessors).

For some, this finite task - the administration could have opted instead for a comprehensive national survey of landholdings - is seen as a sign to the military that it will be permitted to retain past profits, but it should be understood that things will from now on be changing. That is an old call by insurgent people against the federal government:

Myanmar's fierce fighting was not just a political one, but was also a result of resource-controlling. However, Miss Suu Kyi may find that the military is not too pleased that a non-military regime is imposing conditions for conflict in which it has been shedding a lot of life for many years.

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