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E-mail: Effects of sexual intercourse and IBS on HPA axial reaction and peripheric glycocorticoidectomy. - pubMed

hinterground and objectives: Hypothalamus hypophyseal artery shaft (hpa) disregulation has been shown in IBS. Elevated HPA centerline response has been associated with decreased glycocorticoid receptors (GR) negotiated reverse retardation. To investigate the effect of IBS state, gender or the existence of early unwanted death occurrences (EAL) on the reaction of corticotrophin to corticotrophin release factors (CRF) and renocorticotropic hormones (ACTH) and on GR micronuclear protein levels in PBMCs.

RESULTS: There were different effects of IBS on the corticosteroid reaction to acticoid by ancestry. IBS was associated with elevated AUC in men (p=0.009), but in females the AUC was truncated in IBS (p=0.006). Males also had decreased GR anomalies ((p=0.007). Accumulative EAL exposures were associated with an elevated HPA-reaction.

Decreased GR was associated with elevated hypophysis HPA reaction and elevated seriousness of general signs and stomachache in IBS. SUMMARY: This report underlines the importance of considering sexual intercourse in trials on IBS and the general reaction to it. The results also include pathway targeting supporting PERFORMANCE GR biomRNA expressing as a marginal markers of the key HPA-answer.

HPA axes in case of bi-polar interference: Rigorous verification and meta-analysis. - Publications

In order to obtain a quantative and qualitative syntheses of the available findings on the function of the hypothalamus-hypophyseal adrenal gland line (HPA) in the pathophysiology of bipolar disorder (BD). METHODS: Metroanalysis and metaregression of case-control trials to study the values of corticoid, ACTH and CRH. Systematically check stressed response, genetics, molecular and imaging trials related to HPA axial activities in BD.

RESULTS: Forty-one trials were incorporated into the meta-analyses. The BD was associated with significantly elevated levels of cortiisol (basal and post-dexamethasone) and ACTH, but not of CRH. At the metaregression, the difference in case controls of the level of cortisol was associated in a positive way with the male stage (p=0.005) and the ages of the subjects (p=0.08) and in a negative way with the use of anti-psychotics (p=0.001).

Proven trials suggest that BD is associated with anomalies of stress-related molecules in different areas of the human brain. BD is associated with anomalies of stressed molecules. In addition, trials in non-affected families suggest that HPA is not an endophenotyp of BD but is linked to a number of environment-related risks such as infantile mortality. HPA progressive axial disfunction is a suspected cause of BD patients' underlying mechanisms of decay, both clinically and cognitively.

The BD is associated with a disfunction of HPA axial activities, with important pathophysiologic consequences. A novel approach to improving BD results could be to combat disturbances of the HPA axes.

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