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Comena ([FZFK / GMA] Flight tracking (arrivals, departures and cross country flights) and airport status with maps and graphics. I have never done anything like this before," said Pina on GMA. " I'm not here to say don't fly American," Selter told the GMA. In case you do not know your company code, please contact your administrator or your airline representative. Gold Myanmar Airlines (GMA) was successfully established as the first public airline in Myanmar.

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Gold Myanmar Airlines (GMA) was successfully established as the first publicly owned airline in Myanmar. Founded on September 14, 2012 under the Myanmar Compinies Act on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, it is situated on the third level of Saya San Plaza, corner New University Avenue Street, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

It was formed with an authorised stock of 40 per cent, while the other 60 per cent will be transferred to the state. The airline was formed as a joint-stock corporation to serve as Myanmar's domestic airline.

It was also founded with substantial funding from Co-operative Bank and Tun Foundation Bank, the country's premier bank. Both Yangon and Mandalay act as the hub for the provision of home market service. Myanmar Airline Public Limited also provides air, groundhandling, technical freight and other aeronautical related service at Mandalay International airport.

GMA's expansion is backed up by a highly skilled executive staff with in-depth backgrounds in the aerospace sector and outstanding managerial qualities. In the area of operational QA, all GMA vacancies are filled by top-class employees with many years of aerospace expertise and certification according to the standards of the IATA and IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA).

Our specialist engeneers and mechanics are also educated in Malaysia and in Germany according to national regulations and customs. Become a leader in providing secure, dependable and accessible airline flights. Meeting the needs of the Myanmar aviation industry in Myanmar's fast-growing economy. "The my mystery of the mythology of Hintha Widely, represented in Myanmar's art, has a particular significance in the abbey's philosophical tradition because it is unspoilt by the illusive character of the physical realm.

Hintha birds also stand for harmony, equilibrium and vitality. Mysticism around the Hintha Birds marks the Golden Myanmar Airlines emblem, which blends contemporary styling with the traditions and minds of Myanmar. A stylish, stylised Hintha symbol of Myanmar's airline and aerospace industries.

Golden " is also prominent in the company's logotype and stands for the airline's trademark. Adding color around the Hintha means a gracious ride to a new dimension.

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