Glorioso Islands


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The ocean islands formed by Bassas da India,.

The Crozet Islands - Glorioso Islands

Object: Projet for an exploration to the islands Crozet and Glorioso. France's supremacy is recognised in many parts of the world: in the Pacific with Wallis and Futuna, Polynesia, New Caledonia and Clipperton; in the Atlantic with Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barth?©lemy, Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana. In the Indian Ocean with Mayotte, R?©union, the Scotted Islands and the French Southern and Antarctic regions.

To us ham, these mentions often evokes the exotic, an inviting journey, but also and above all unusual and sought-after friends. Its most populous areas, such as R?©union, the islands of the West Indies or New Caledonia, are characterised by a constant ham operator network that ensures day-to-day contact. Therefore, these places are frequently involved in activity or expedition of passers-by hamateurs.

Lastly, some areas need special permits, as their accessibility is limited in order to conserve their highly vulnerable eco-systems. The last group is Clipperton, Europe, Juan de Nova, Tromelin, Glorioso, Crozet, Amsterdam, Kerguelen and Terr. Ad?©lie. Other than Clipperton, these other vulnerable areas are managed by the Prefecture of the French Southern and Antarctic States.

Stakeholder participation in the TAF is about the management of logistical operations around these remote areas, supporting science and research, protecting eco-systems and biological diversity, and ultimately sustainably exploiting the world' s rich and diverse marine resource base, such as fisheries. Therefore, any entry to the above islands requires a previous permission.

We would be interested to return to the "amateur radios " of each of these dispersed and southerly islands, but we will confine ourselves to the last 20 to 30 years. Formerly, hams had the opportunity to consult the staff of M?©t?©o-France on a regular basis.

On all islands except Tromelin were (and are) based mainly France army forces, among them amateur radios, who provided for friends. In the southern territories of France, it was mainly the radios on the camps. Army staff or researchers who had been deployed for several month established wireless contact when not in service.

The almost constant availability of wireless hams on all islands has declined since the 2000' for various reasons: automating meteorological substations, establishing satellites, the progressive loss of RF connections, the decline of wireless hams among the armed forces used,..... To give as many as possible the possibility to get in touch with these areas, several ham teams were successfully organised and carried out:

AMSTERRIDA (1998) and TROMELIN (2000) from the Lyon DX Gang and the Gendarmerie de Bron, EUROPE (2003) and GLORIOSO (2008) from a France army crew thanks to Didier F5OGL, Amsterdam (2014) from Ralph K0IR and his crew and last ly TROMELELIN (2014) and Juan de Nova (2016) from my group. In the course of the explorations and the years the rareness of these beings develops.

So far, the rarest and most sought-after relationships are with Crozet, who share the top positions in the rankings of the most sought-after companies with North Korea and Bouvet. Some of the last researchers to make contact are Florentin F4DYM-FT5WO, Nicolas F4EGX-FT1WM-FT1WK and Jean-Paul F5BU-FT5WJ, but the need for an exploration is so great that despite their best endeavours, the need for an exploration is still there.

Crozet is the most sheltered of all the islands in France around the TAAF. It has a relatively small research basis in comparison to the other South Islands and a very high concentrations of sturgeon-prone sea birds in the vicinity. There are three recent explorations (FT5ZM, FT4TA and FT4JA) known to the present state.

Over and above the ham communities, their achievements have been recognised by the TAAF. We were judged on our professionality, our capacity to abide by the regulations, and our capacity to take items beyond the "radio" view. To this end, we have worked with the school and created an interesting exchange with the pupils and their instructors, communicating their story / geographical situation on the islands through various means, putting together nice and interesting philosophical events, presenting the work and the TAAF mission in the four corners of the globe through various publications and meetings on several different planets.

We' ve also shown our full expedition carrying capacity, and this is without doubt the most important. On the basis of this experience and the very good relations with the TAAF, we worked in tandem on two new goals after Juan de Nova's return: Grande Glorieuse Island (FT/G) and Crozet (FT/W).

We have always been guided by these hazards, and each and every test of our joint capacity to find appropriate responses, our teams have often gone beyond the given circumstances. Particular emphasis is placed on the conservation of wildlife, and it seems clear to us that our ventures fully respect these areas and their biological diversity.

Unfortunately, ham funcitions are not one of the main tasks and priority. For more than 60 years, hamsters have had the opportunity to support and help shape the soils. This is why we are confident of our credentials in the dispersed and southern areas and of the TAAF's capacity to sustain a context for our work.

"or" when will Glorioso take place? However, we want to stay very happy and above all content with the Tromelin and Juan de Nova project.

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