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The trustworthy provider of development and performance solutions in Myanmar. British physician Alex Kumar visited a research site on the border between Thailand and Myanmar, where the disease is widespread. Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia bordering the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Study on the evolution of relocations in northeastern Myanmar: Report on JIPS and Stats Norway support for the CCCM cluster. Wealth of Jade, deadly conflict and prospects for peace in Myanmar.

Global Myanmar

Welcome to Forté Global. The trustworthy supplier of Myanmar -based engineering and system integration services. We have two ways for you if you want to build your business with the right employees and the right strategies that will have a sustainable impact: Choose one of our custom programmes to get the best results for your project and if you have particular goals or needs, please contact our dedicated customer support group.

We' ll design a customized piece of news that gives your staff exactly what they need. Translate your team's results today with key competencies that have an immediate and sustainable impact:

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BVR's communications are pushing into the 21 st century.

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The Clancy Global Myanmar (CG Myanmar) is an architecture and consulting firm offering one-stop architecture, building and structural planning, site supervising, purchasing and managing building, mechanical, electric and interior works for business premises, commercial and residential use. Our commitment is to the succes of every single one of our own ventures.

In contrast to the conventional service concept, we guarantee the fulfilment of our customers' requirements by handling projects on time, on time and to the highest standards of service from a single source.


China Telecom (Myanmar) Limited was founded in June 2016 in Yangon..... CTMM will also act as one of Myanmar's local hubs to establish a link between China, Thailand, Bangladesh and the remainder of the globe via SMW5 submarine cables in the near-term. In order to satisfy the needs of Myanmar's carriers and business customers, CTMM focuses mainly on providing LPLCs, VPNs, Internet and IP transit, ICT systems integration, value-added and IT external communications and IT infrastructure management as well as complete network networking solutions in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

CTMM' main areas of activity are focused on providing LPLCs, VPNs, IP Transits, ICT systems integration, value-added and IT external communications and IT integration and IT external communications management. CTMM provides one-stop networking in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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