Ginza at Night

Night Ginza

The Ginza is known as a district where rich people gather night after night. When you are a lover of photography, the area is photogenic at night. Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, Roppongi and Tokyo Tower are the best places to experience Tokyo's nightlife. At night, the typical neon signs present luxury brands. The Ginza at night looks amazing and very attractive and is almost as bright as day.

To do 10 best things to do at night when in Ginza to colour your

In case you don't have much to do in Ginza, here's a short schedule to show you how much this area has to boast! Susiyabashi Jiro is a small, high-quality Sushi-Ristorante. Its fame came from the movie "Jiro Dreams About Sushi" and because PM Abe and former President Obama ate together there.

Jiro Sukiyabashi Jiro serves premium Edo type sustain and has only one set item, the "Omakase sampling menu". As this is a very well-known place and can hold only 10 guests at a while, the booking is a must. Kazuo Ueda, one of the most well-known cocktail creators in Japan.

Named after the renowned Arsène Lupin who stole it, this stylishly decorated pub brings you back to Europe in the twentieth centuries. A must-have cocktail in Ginza and throughout Tokyo, it is known as one of the best. A further very good point of this pub is the nearness to the station Ginza (it only 1 min walk).

Famed for its fruity drinks, this is the best way to have a good time with your mates. The Yoshoku is a kind of occidental type of cooking that contains meat and other components that are not easy to find in conventional cuisin. One example may be curried rice, but some of them have become so much loved that they are regarded as part of our tradition of cooking, like clay katsu.

Ginza has the best places to try the genuine yeoshoku. It is considered one of the first places to offer Mediterranean cuisine such as omelettes, roast Oyster and beef. A speciality of this place is the soup, which is available in many flavours and goes well with raw vegetables, as well as rice and other tasty vegetables.

Several of them begin in the evenings and provide the ideal night out on the Ginza district's historic side. The Kabukiza Theater, situated in the centre of Ginza, has a good selection of shows that change every month and you can buy your ticket either directly at the box office or in time.

Many Ginza stores are open till well into the night, so why not go to the store? The hotel is split into two large sections (Gate 1 and Tor 2&3) and provides a wide range of facilities such as massage, cosmetic treatment, dining and all kinds of business. Every wish is fulfilled here, from the clothes to the zoo!

With more than 120 tax-free stores and carefully chosen fashions to meet your trend! It is one of the highest value malls in the Ginza region, where you can find renowned foreign labels and high value Japan style cosmetics. The Ginza Corridor is a bustling road that runs from Yurakucho to Shinbashi and is home to many small bars or Izakaya' where you can take a break from your busy business trip.

For example, Tamaki (??) is a famous local francophone chef, but it also serves a kind of fused cooking that mixes the flavours of France and Japan. Close to Ginza Station and Ginza six, for a little bit of convenience, are Cascade (????? ???), which provides the ideal happily ever after with great drinks and side aprons.

Situated only 10-15 min walking distance from Ginza, Shinbashi provides cheaper pubs and dining with a wide range of amenities. You can find caraoke on every nook and cranny and at night it gets really action. In fact, this is the county that gathers a large number of businessmen/ladies who want to take a break before returning home after work.

The Ginza area is also very much loved for the dessert. For example, at the Ginza Sembikiya Salon you can try delicious fruity parficates and delicious snacks to please your fondest! Toraya is the solution if you want to try some typical japanesese candy, such as shaving rice or mocha.

Besides Kabuki there are many different shows and theatres in Ginza. At the Marunouchi Toei Theatre, for example, you will find the latest films on the square and sometimes some exceptional activities to help you savour your Ginza culture trip. Don't be worried if you're more of an old film guy; this area has something for everyone!

Ginza Switch Ginza will only reproduce select old films, so enjoy exploring the rare selections! One of the most stylish and stylish things is a ginza lounge romance supper. Here you can sample a delicious traditional and traditional cooking while watching the night skies of Ginza in a mobile deck!

One of the special features of the Ginza Sky Lounge is that the ground is always in motion, so you can take in a 360 degree panorama in more or less 80 mins!

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