Ghost Story in Myanmar

Myanmar Ghost Story

I' ve got a lot of people fleeing. The MM Ghost Apps is a collection of ghost stories for the people of Myanmar. I'll be back in a few hours. After a series of accidents, a fundraiser has no choice but to spend the dark hours in a cursed sanctuary. Bats lurk in the temple, and there are few ghost stories and rumors about the persecution of the temple.

Spirit Tales - Review of Dhammayangyi Temple, Bagan, Myanmar

There were many monasteries, but this stupa was up to recall all the ghostly tales our leader had to tell us during our sojourn. There is no way around impressing the mere mass of this one. The pyramid-shaped form gives it a distinctive personality that makes it special in every photograph of the area.

Eichhörnchen play around at the front door, it's pretty calm, no salesmen at the side doors, and bat flies away when you step into this astonishing edifice. Go around and think of the great story that has found its place (I won't tell you, I'll spoil it for you).

It' very calm, just one or two other tourists besides us. Some of my favorites are so big, but not so well maintained, that they got a good feeling for the place. Were you at Dhammayangyi Temple? What is your side of the story?

Burmese spirits don't need Halloween for a good haunt.

Evangelicals crowd into their houses and pray that Satan will not defile their doorstep on a dark day when the gate between the countries of the alive and the deceased opens a little wider than before. Halloween festivities have also moved into some areas of Southeast Asia in recent years, with the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore among them, but "holidays" are largely ignored in Myanmar, apart from a few nights in places abroad in the city.

Perhaps in a land where faith in spirit and spirit (nats) is widespread, the Myanmar population has no need for a particular time to welcome brain-eating zombie into their life. Indeed, many Yangon natives have histories of cursed places - clinics where unkempt risers rattling around the mortuaries at 12 o'clock, houses where dead VIPs roaming the corridors - and histories of their own memories of the inhabitants of the hereafter.

Ma Phyo Phyo Yangonite, who is living in the Bahan Islands Town Ship, shared with me a story about her own spiritual meeting that took place three years ago when she traveled with her aunt's relatives to Pyin Oo Lwin to participate in the floral feast there every year in December. "As a result of the floral feast, all the Pyin Oo Lwin hotel rooms were full.

Said they were all tired the evening they got in, so they went to eat and went to sleep around 10 pm. That'?s when it began to get weird. "I felt someone coming out of the bath in the midnight and walking by my crib. It was just someone from my own familiy, so I ignored it," said Ma Phyo Phyo.

However, she became even more alarming later in the day when everyone in the whole household was reporting similar events that happened that night. Your humble comrade said that he also felt someone walk past his bedside several places, and when he opened his eye, he saw a weird man leave the room. "He said that my humble comrade felt like someone grabbed his right foot, so he gave a good kicks with his right foot and then got up, but until then he saw nothing weird in the room," said Ma Phyo Phyo.

Their aunt and another of her cousins also told of nightly anomalies. "They both said that my other aunt and my cousin felt like someone was stood over their bed observing them. So, you risked another fucking sleep in the two-bungalows? In Pyin Oo Lwin there was nowhere else to sleep, and there was no way that we would live in that room again.

We were so afraid that we could no longer relish the floral festival," said Ma Phyo Phyo.

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