Getting to Yangon

Arrival to Yangon

Arriving by public transport is difficult because there are no buses directly from the terminal and the buses that drive nearby are very crowded if you have luggage. Is there the best route from the airport to downtown Yangon? Coming from downtown Yangon, head north past the Hlaing University campus on Pyay Road, which is directly connected to Yangon Airport Road. As for the offer and how it looks compared to Mandalay, I want to know what to expect. How to get from Yangon to Kalaw?

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Yangon city centre is accessible and the best way to see the city. However, to get to certain places, such as the Shwedagon Pagoda and Lake Inya, as well as some museum, restaurant and bar, you need to take a taxid. Cabs are the most common - and generally the simplest - way for a foreigner to move around Yangon.

Cabs from K1,500 for shorter rides in the inner cities to K3000 for longer rides within the cities (up to K8,000 for the airport). Grave and Uber ride-hailing applications work in Yangon and most - if not all - Yangon cabbies talk some English. For more information, take a cab and a vehicle through Myanmar.

Yangon's coach system is a true visitor experience due to the town' s dimensions and the hustle and bustle of coach traffic. Motorcycles have been forbidden in Yangon for many years, although you will occasionally see a police officer - or a man with the right contacts to the state.

Trishaw's (bicycle rickshaws) are another way to travel short distance in the city centre, although aliens are prone to being fucked, and you will hardly ever be able to get one for less than the cost of a cab. Yangon Main Train is located to the northern part of the city centre and is the starting and finishing point of the Yangon Roundabout.

Ticket costs $1, see the city and river front for more detail.

Locomotion in Yangon in city traffic

Trishaw's (saiq-ka, like in a sidecar) are gradually forced off the road by the flow of people in. Yangon's city centre is mainly located near market places, railway stops and along highways. For a brief trip the riders calculate around K1000. And Yangon has many rival city coaches.

The new Chinese are gradually substituting the old wreckage, but all are taken down to the roof-rafter. The itineraries are bewildering and there is practically no English in word and writing. When you are ready, the average price in Yangon K200 is the same as in Yangon K200 (use small..... The Yangon taxi is still one of the best offers in Asia, even if the driver does not use a counter.

A lot of riders talk at least some English (although it is wise for someone to spell your travel destinations in Burmese), and they are usually sincere and polite, although some aliens around....

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