Getting to Ngapali Beach from Yangon

Arrival from Yangon to Ngapali Beach

It would be better to take a VIP bus to Bagan, spend some time in the dusty archaeological zone and then think about taking another bus to Ngapali to interrupt the journey. Bus stops at Kantharyar Beach for lunch and is hygienic. is to Thandwe Airport, a few kilometres north of Ngapali beach. There are several domestic airlines offering direct flights from Yangon. You can reach Ngapali Beach by bus from Yangon.

Nights coach from Thandwe/Ngapali to Yangon - Ngapali Message Board

There' s a V.I.P. coach from Ngapali to Yangon. Then they come to Yangon around 5:00 or 6:00. At some point the buses of the new generation will leave. and we took the coach from Yangon to Nagpali, it was noon. As we didn't have dinner, I felt a little ill from the famine and also from the trip through the mountains ("emdless serpentine"), the street can be very jumble....

Ensure you buy plenty of travel essentials. I' m not sure where you came from. Normally we always use the street Thandwe - Gwa - Yangon. There is a stop at Kantharyar Beach for lunches and is sanitary. Sorry about the street.

Can I ask if you know of overnight busses going from Yangon to Ngapali? What about returning from Ngapali? New Generation Express and Yel' Aung Lan Express depart from Yangon to Ngapali at 4:30 pm and sometime even Vip.

I would say these busses are a overnight coach, because you have to see the overnight on the way to Ngapali and will come to Ngapali between 4:30 am and 5:00 am. The same busses leave Ngapali daily at 15:00 and collect you around 13:00.

From Yangon to Ngapali 2017 by coach up-date - Ngapali Forum

Arrival by airplane to Yangon from Thailand on May 6, wants to take a coach to Ngapali. I just go to the coach terminal and buy a train or I can make an advance booking. About 14 hour drive to Ngapali Beach. For your information: two streets from Yangon to Ngapali; via Gwa and via Taunggoke.

It is best to reserve your tickets in your own room or in front of Yangon Central Station. However, you must take the coach from the Aung Mingalar Highway station, which is outside Yangon.

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