Getting to Myanmar from Thailand

Arrival from Thailand to Myanmar

Is it possible to get from China to Myanmar overland without flying? Then just wait for the bus and get in. They pointed to the building where we were to receive our exit stamps for Myanmar. ((China) and Tachileik, Myawaddy and Kawthaung on the border between Myanmar and Thailand (Ranong, where the dive boats depart). Entry to Myanmar is only possible by land from China and Thailand.

Burma Travel - The best things to see & do

Myanmar has many places of interest including monasteries, ancient monasteries and historic places. Burma was a big battlefield during the Second World War, and the Japanese built the notorious "death railroad" from Kanchanaburi across the Kwai River to bring provisions to the front. It has fallen into destitution since then, but it is gradually evolving as Myanmar becomes more open and more and more attractive to travel.

Rangoon - the former capitol and business center, known for its colorful architectural and buddhistic pagoda, of which the most important Shwedagon is Zedi Daw - more than 2000 years old gilt stupa decked in diamond. This is Bagan - the capitol of Burma's first empire and one of the wealthiest archeological places in Southeast Asia with several thousand antique palagodas near the shores of the Ayeyarwady River.

The Mandalay - the most important business center of Upper Burma and former king's capitol of the last Myanmar empire, the Mandalay King's Palace was constructed around the mid XIX ct. The majority of foreign nationals need a permit to travel to Myanmar. Visas are issued for 3 month from the date of issuance and allow you to remain in Myanmar for up to 28 nights from the date of your date of destination.

A Myanmar Visas can be obtained at the Bangkok Consulate. The fee for visas depends on the duration of the exhibition - from 1600 TB for the 2-day to 2290 TB for the same-day wait. Myanmar Mission in Bangkok is open from 09:00-12:00 (for the submission of visas) and 15:30-16:30 (for the receipt of passports).

One-time e-Visa for tourism is $50 for 90 nights after issue and allows 28-day stays in Myanmar. From Bangkok to Yangon International Airport (RGN) there are many possibilities. Bangkok Airways and low-cost airline AirAsia offer airlines to Mandalay directly from Bangkok.

A land-based entry to Myanmar is required as you will not be able to obtain a residence permit upon your return to the state. Visas must be obtained from the host country's host country or via the e-visa services (not available at Phu Nam Ron / Htee Khee). Tachileik Boarder Checkpoint - You can arrive here in Myanmar, but the other open area can only be attained by air.

Myawaddy Sot / Mae Sot/ Myawaddy Boarder Checkpoint - this is the most comfortable way to travel from Bangkok to Yangon and other major Myanmar tourism hub. Khee Htee / Phu Nam Ron Boarder Checkpoint - Cross the Borders on the most immediate way from Bangkok to South Burma (e-Visa cannot be used here).

Myanmar is accessible by a brief boating tour and you can take a coach, ferry or airplane to other places. Myanmar's cold seasons last from November to February. Myanmar's coldest time of year is the high tourism year. Myanmar's hottest time of year is from March to April.

Little rains are anticipated during the hottest months of the year. Myanmar's rainy period is from May to October. It is a little chillier this year, but the temperature is still around 30°C. Normally, Yangon and its surroundings get more precipitation than Mandalay and all of Upper Burma.

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