Getting to Myanmar from Thailand

Arrival from Thailand to Myanmar

Foreigners are not normally allowed to reach or leave Myanmar by land. Receive answers to your questions about Myanmar. Keep in mind that for most nationalities in Myanmar there is no visa on entry, so you must apply for one before trying to enter the country (whether by air or land). He' authorized us to go to immigration to be stamped in Thailand. Receive answers to your questions about Myanmar.

Entry to Myanmar by road

There were 4 open frontiers to Thailand for the next 2 years (August 28, 2013 was the opening date), odd that there are still those who don't know this forums. Furthermore, the major transition to China should also be opened towards the end of the year.

The Phu Nam Ron/Htee Khee is another very comfortable crossroads if you come from Bangkok and want to see the south Myanmar beach. The Indonesians, Cambodians, Laotians, Vietnamese and Filipinos are visa-free travelers who can travel to Myanmar by land without a visas and continue their journey within the state. Everyone else needs a pre-issue of visas (if you are entering from Thailand, there is now a new Burma embassy in Chiang Mai, no need to be in Bangkok if you are in the north of Thailand).

Burma overland from Thailand

? So I went to the Chiang Mai Embassy, I was there 15 minutes before the opening. I was given a fill-in sheet by the person behind the goal (1 page about you and 1 page about your former and present job). We filled that out on the other side of the road, we were let in.

Please have two ID photographs (white background) and your ID card (you will need a copy, but you can create one there). You' ll have to stick one of the images on the paper, give everything to the individual behind the jar. They' ll review your application, you just buy it and you can collect it in 3 working nights.

You only need either a flight or a coach from Chiang Mai. They let me send them a copy before 2:00.

Cross the Thai-Myanmar frontier

When you travel for a longer term, on a low cost, when you don't fly as much as possible, or when you are just up to the task, traversing the Thai-Myanmar frontier is a way. Mae Sot is the simplest frontier onfoot, about 360 km from Chiang Mai and 495 km from Bangkok.

The following are the necessary measures to take to traverse the Thai-Myanmar in Mae Sot, in this particular case from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. If you want to go to Myanmar by land, you have to apply for a visas before enter. If you are in Thailand, visit the Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkokor and the Consulate of Myanmar in Chiang Mai.

Bring your pass and 1 copy of the homepage, 2 photographs and 800 baht for the charge. To Mae Sot from Chiang Mai by 2| Bustran. Myanmar, the first stage of cross the Thai-Myanmar frontier is to walk all the way to the city closest to the border:

Busses depart from Chiang Mai Terminal 3 at 8:35, 13:10 and 17:00. Journey time: 6h30 to 7h. There is a closing time of 18.00 and an opening time of 9.00 the next working hour, so it is best to take the first coach in the mornings if you do not really want to stay overnight in Mae Sot.

Then you will receive a receipt which you have to change for the genuine ticket at the Green Coach ticket office at the central station. There are several stores inside the terminals where you can get refreshments and drink bottled drink if you wish. It is a tourist coach that is convenient enough to even provide you with a small lunch and a glass of bottled cold drink at the beginning of your journey.

From the bus station you can take the tent bus to the center of the town or to the frontier, according to your next step. Irrespective of when you come to Mae Sot, you always have to make another long journey from the other side of the Myanmar frontier to your next stop, so I suggest you spend the evening in Mae Sot so that you can get across the frontier early in the day and resume your journey in Myanmar less tiredly.

Rooms with fan: 550 baht, rooms with air conditioning: 850 baht, bungalow: 1000 baht. Coming from Mae Sot you have to take a tent, train or cab to the frontier. Walk into the center of the town, where you will find many possibilities. You can also take AC mini vans to the other side (Myawaddy) for at least 50 Batt.

Those who prefer to traverse the Friendship Bridge on feet and want to avoid a few baht can still go a little further to the square, where you can take a Songthiev for 20 baht. However, you must be conscious that these delivery trucks are fully human.

10-passenger delivery truck upstairs, with 19 passengers at the frontier! Throughout the entire frontier procedure, although easy, requires some necessary action. First stop is at the downhill desk in Thailand, in front of the Friendship Bridge. Then you go to a small offices on the right so you can officially travel to Myanmar.

They fill a form with your details, your nesting in Myanmar, they take a picture of you, and that's it. They have successfully concluded the road across the Thai-Myanmar roadblock!

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