Getting to Myanmar

Arrival to Myanmar

I picked up my tourist visa for Myanmar today, where I'm going this Saturday. We' ll have already spent a month in Thailand and heard great things about Myanmar. Travel in Myanmar | STA Travel A simple (and funniest) way to explore Myanmar is with a small adventurous trip or a small one. Journey at your own speed with your Stray Hop-on-Hop-off coach-passport. Visiting Yangon, Bagan, Kalaw, Inle and Mandalay you will be able to experience the best of Myanmar.

Relieve the stresses of the trip and take part in a small group adventures in Myanmar.

Would you like a journey with a distinction? Talk to our Tailor Made staff and let them put together your ideal journey to Myanmar. Have a look at Stray Myanmar.....

Arrival to Myanmar

If necessary, electronic articles / camera / jewelry and currency can be declared at the tollgate. Payment of the airfield taxes (10 US$ in cash) at the airline's counters. Present your passenger's card and flight tickets at the airline desk to obtain your boarding card.

In order to hand in your visa and your statement at the toll booth. Guided visits to offer guided visits, exchange foreigncurrencies in domestic money or sell precious stones of doubtful origin are ignored. Since there are stringent exchange control regulations. It is recommended that travellers exchange their money in banks, airports and hotels.

It is recommended that travellers buy gemstones, jewelry and silver goods in the gem stores, where you will receive a coupon with an official license to use. Reasonable Traveler's checks. Traveller's checks. at the Bank of Tokyo Traveler's checks. Corp Traveler's checks. Vis Traveler's checks. at the Bank of America Traveler's checks.

Federal West Minister Bank Traveler's checks. The first national CITI Bank Traveler's checks. The Traveler's checks of Switzerland Bankers. United Wealth Bank of Australia Traveler's checks. Touristic visas: for F.I.T. travellers and groups of travellers whose routes are organized by Myanmar Travels & Tours. Visa: granted at Myanmar embassy and consulate general abroad.

Visas granted by Myanmar in:: Australasia (Canberra), Bangladesh (Dhaka), Canada (Ottawa), People's Republic of China (Beiging, Kunmin), C.I.S. / former U.S.S.R. (Moscow), Egypt (Cairo), France (Paris), Germany (Bonn), Hong Kong, India (New Delhi), Indonesia (Jakarta), Israel (Telavic), Italy (Rome), Japan (Tokyo), Laos (Vientiane), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur),

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