Getting to Mergui Archipelago

Arrival to Mergui Archipelago

Receive answers to your questions about Myeik (Mergui. Find out how to get to Myeik. Arrival to Mergui Archipelago - Mergui Archipelago Excursions So if you are already in Myanmar, just go to Yangon International and take a scenic airplane to Kawthaung. There are three brief stages with a total journey of 3 hrs, and air and floor transfer from Kawthaung International to Kawthaung International Airports can be arranged by our team.

In order to get to the Mergui Archipelago from Thailand, you have to pass the Ranong area. We can arrange a collection in Ranong, which organizes a cruise across the Ranong and helps with all questions about the Myanmar boarder-crossings. Where to get to Ranong? You can travel from Bangkok by plane, coach or coach.

Perhaps the most comfortable way is to fly. It will take one and a half hour from Suvarnaphumi airport in Bangkok to Ranong, and the journey will be operated by Nok Air ( A further possibility is the journey by coach. You can choose between a 9-hour luxury sleeping car or a 40-seat coach to Ranong for 10 h.

And the third way is to rent a personal rented vehicle or minibus for the journey. Cars are available from the Aiport or your hotels, but this is a costly alternative unless you travel in a large group. It will take about 9 hrs by vehicle. Coming from Phuket or Surat Thani, there are no air fares and you must get to Ranong by highway.

Fortunately it is a 3-4 hour ride from Surat Thani or 4-5 hour from Phuket. Busses often depart from the Surat Thani and Phuket stations and you can choose between public transport and coaches. From Bangkok you can rent a car or minibus at the airport and in Phuket and Surat Thani Hotel.

This makes the shortest trip to Bangkok a more practical alternative than from Bangkok. From Phuket, the most comfortable way to get around is by coach, which is organized by our team. After that we leave for Ranong in 4-5 hours with a brief rest.

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