Getting to Burma

How to get to Burma

All we need to know to make your stay perfect. It' getting more and more dangerous for them to work there. The reason why Britain is still wrong in Burma. Burmese domestic flights are included in the itinerary as this is often the fastest way to get around. It is also playing a role in getting the process back on track.

Sailing, yacht charter and personal cruise in Myanmar & surroundings

Our 6-day excursions in the Mergui Archipelago start in Kawthaung in southern Myanmar, just across the Thai-Beltier. Coming from Myanmar, you can take a direct flight to Kawthaung Airport, which is linked to several internal airfields and serves several regional carriers. Myanmar National Airways is the most dependable and comfortable.

We will be pleased to assist you in organising transport and pick-up at the airports. A further possibility is the flight to Ranong International Aerodrome. From Bangkok International Airfield there are Nok Air services every day. It is well serviced by locals, but we can also collect you from Ranong Aiport.

As soon as you are in Ranong, we take a long-tail cruiser across the Pakchan River to Kawthaung on Myanmar's side, which only lasts a few mins. The Phuket International Airport is a comfortable and easily accessible airport. It is a picturesque 4-hour drive from there to Ranong, the Thai frontier city.

Rangoon commute: Working in Burma

Burma's exposition to the outside has caused an explosion of transformation in a land that was once isolated from the outside worlds. Rangoon has at last got the web (which says nothing of its speed), importing automobiles is clogging the Rangoon road, and aliens are walking through the city. Other expatriates choose Rangoon, and Burma is pinned at the end of the Southeast Asian tourism circle.

However, the transformation does not take place from one day to the next, and Burma (also known as Myanmar) is fighting with its fast-paced pace of growth. The best illustration of this is the Rangoon (Yangon) street, which is more reminiscent of scene from Made Max than the city. Old, shattered busses drive around fiercely, honk and stop for a heart beat to let go of the riders, while cabs avoid and drive fast to get their fares to their destination.

Therefore, even small distance in the relatively small Rangoon can take an inappropriate amount of space. Rangoon's roads are more like the" Madam Max" scene than the city. These are some things you need to know about the most important choices for the early hours of commuting in noisy, wacky, amazing Rangoon (except for some of the more hairy choices like horse-drawn carriages and the backs of pick-up trucks).

In the mornings, if you are fortunate enough to be near work, you can go for a walk to work. First danger of running through the roads of Rangoon is the roads themselves. Fortunately, in Rangoon motorcycles and motorcycles are legal, which is one less thing to look out for. Burma's "cool season" can mean day temperature of 35°C, which in the full daytime is more like 45°C. The weather in Burma is very cold.

Yangon cabs nest like flies. No. For many reasons, cabs are the best way to get around Rangoon. As of the date of this letter, taxi count limits in Rangoon are in place, but at this point you should have no problem locating one at any hour of the morning or evening.

There' s a great deal to say for Rangoon busses when you can try them out. Several of them can rip through the roads as if they were theirs, but if you hang on, you will go to work in one part. The most tempting aspect of the Rangoon Bus System is the cost.

For only 200k yat (about 20 cents) you can get on any coach. As soon as you are aboard, Rangoon buses unveil their own miocosm of Burma's lives. The speed at which these buses run can mean the risk of a face pain. Yangon Buses can also be very useful, but it requires you to study Burma numbers to find the number you need.

In most older coaches, the busboy can give you a little bit of money, but if you are fortunate enough to get on a newer coach (with A/C), you will need to pay exactly.

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